BestStuff.com was founded in 1999 with a mission to provide professional and up-to-date information on the the best consumer electronics products in the marketplace. Our primary coverage areas are home entertainment, computers, gadgets, gaming, and photography, but occasionally we will report on automobiles, or anything else of interest to the CE savvy public.

What makes BestStuff.com different from our competitors is that we only write about the best stuff. Our philosophy is that if a product is not worth owning, it’s not worth your valuable time reading about. As a result, our visitors do not need to filter through various products or pages of a review only to find that a product is not worth their time or money.

The site and its staff are associated with some of the largest traditional media companies in the world. Our writers and editors are acknowledged experts in their fields, with frequent appearances on television and in national print media. These multimedia associations bring a unique blend of both personality and credibility to the site and its content.

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