Blue Snowball USB Microphone Available In New Colors

Blue snowball usb mic available in new colors

Blue’s classic snowball microphone is now more customize able than ever. With five brand new colors you can color coordinate your snowball to fit your personality or favorite color-scheme.

The snowball is well known for being the best introductory microphone on the market. Coming in at an affordable $69.95, you won’t find a better value anywhere. Boasting impressive audio quality and extreme ease of use, the snowball should be the number one choice for any beginner looking for their first quality microphone.

Blue delivers on every claim of audio quality and easy of use. I took the time to compare the sound quality from the few microphones I have, and it was not even fair. The Snowball delivers studio quality recording at an affordable price. Even with two fans running in my room (Summer is upon us) combined with my desktop pc fans, the Snowball picks up input while filtering background noise beautifully. My audio recording has never sounded better (once you go blue, you always stay true?).

Along with this crystal clear sound and my new found adoration of my own voice, the Snowball is incredibly easy to use. Grab the USB cable out of the box, plug it in, and that is it! No fussing around with installation disks or configuring a mess of clumpy over complicated settings. This is plug and play at its core and I like it. When the Blue Snowball was released back in 2005 we were impressed with the entry-level pricing. Taking a look at the physical features it is clear that this is a no fuss no muss piece of hardware. The Ball sits on a height adjustable stand that allows for about 4 inches of variation with a tiny bit of tilt. Just enough to direct the mic in the best position towards your face. The stand is three legged, with rubber balls for feet. The legs lock into place while the balls create a surprising amount of friction to keep the stand and mic stable on most surfaces.


Stopping Just Short of Perfect

This is the perfect mic for entry-level enthusiasts without advanced knowledge of input customization. The snowball doesn’t come with any software or programs for precise calibration – this is both good and bad. It will leave the advanced users wanting more input customization, but it offers the advantage of simplicity for novices. If you’re looking for a more advanced option with precision I highly recommend the Blue Spark Digital USB microphone we reviewed a few months back.

Final Thoughts

The Blue Snowball is an incredible value coming in around $70 USD. it’s the perfect buy for a beginning recording artist. The quality is clear, and the setup could not be easier. It is highly rated for a reason, and clearly one of the best choices for anyone that is just starting out. I highly recommend looking into purchase one at

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