iHome GlowTunes Rechargeable Color Changing Speaker Review (video)

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The iHome Glow Tunes Color Changing Mini Speaker is a marvel of physics….a super little speaker with a surprisingly big sound, and it works with any device that uses a small headphone.

For a scant $25, Amazon is offering this little bad boy, which features a rechargeable battery and works with your iPhone, Android or any other device accommodating a 3.5mm headset jack.  The iHome iHM61 Glow Tunes color changing mini speaker comes in a tall round plastic tube and contains the speaker, and an all in one cord for charging and connecting the speaker to your device. You also get a black drawstring carrying case, which is big enough to carry the speaker, cords, and probably even your iPhone.

iHome GlowTunes

While the iHome might not rock out an entire party or fill an auditorium, this little personal speaker is intended for use in quiet settings for listening to music or the radio.   The speaker is round and only about 2.25″ wide.  The speaker can be compressed down to less than 2″ tall or opened up to 2.5″ high.   There are little rubber feet at the bottom.  To open, turn the top slightly counter clockwise and the speaker will spring up. To close, push down and turn slightly clockwise.  And while it works in closed mode, you will get the best sound when it’s open.
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Along the bottom of the unit is an on / off switch, an LED indicator light, a button for changing the color changing mode, and the mini usb port to connect for charging.  The speaker comes in green, yellow, white, pink, blue and black lights, all with a silver exterior housing.  To use the speaker, plug the cord with the mini usb connector into the speaker and then plug the headphone jack into your device that will be playing the music. Then you can switch the speaker on and play music from the controls on your device.

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To activate the color changing feature, there is a white button that changes the mode from off to color changing (alternates between blue, green, yellow and red), or you can stop it at one color if you like.  The cord is white and is over all 2.5 feet. One end has the mini usb plug and the other has both the head phone plug and the full size usb plug.  These two are on a split piece so that you can use the speaker while it is charging. There is a clip to tuck all the cords in neatly.

When the speaker is charged and turned on, the led indicator will be blue. When it runs out of charge it will turn red.  The iHome uses a long lasting lithium ion battery.  It only takes about a half hour to charge and will run around 8-hrs.

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As mentioned,  the sound is great, especially the base. The accordion-style middle lends the expansion of outputting this bass.  And while there is no volume control on the speaker, you can use your device’s volume control to manipulate the sound.   Purchase the  iHome iHM61 Glow Tunes color changing mini speaker for a mere $25.


Check out the video….

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