Om One Floating Bluetooth Speaker


Om One’s finished prototype design.

Om Audio is hitting the scene with a very cool crowd-fund, the Om One Levitating Speaker. As if it’s straight from the future, the floating sphere levitates through it’s magnetic base while streaming your favorite music. The speaker is in the later stages of development and should be available for consumers at $179.00 around December 2014.

We haven’t been able to fully review the Om One yet, but we’re anxious to get our hands on one. In the meantime, here are a few general specs and claims to pique your interest.

Audio Profile

Om claims a true stereo experience through it’s utilization of the speakers 75mm driver. Complete with a 3-watt RMS amplifier it can hit approximately 110db loudness (comparable to the Jambox Jawbone or Beat Pill). Seeing as we can’t verify this through testing, we’ll have to trust Om and admit that it’s a pretty impressive number for such a small driver.

While I have no doubt it rings true with the mid/high frequencies, I am a bit skeptical about it’s ability to truly replicate low end. Bass frequencies are unique in the fact that they appear louder when a) they’re further away (to a certain degree) and b) can resonate through an enclosure. The fact that the speaker is so small, and that’s it’s suspended in air leads us to believe it may lack in the low-end. This is pure speculation, and we would love to put this to the test ourselves.

Phone Tethering – Built In Microphone

Each Om One comes standard with a built in microphone. As if it were straight out of Star Trek, the thought of using a floating orb to communicate with friends and family is purely awesome. I would seriously consider backing this crowd-fund for it’s phone functionality alone!

The Base And It’s Features

The Om One claims up to 15 hours of continuous play, which is better than most bluetooth speakers on the market. Of course this number will vary based on how loud you’re actually pushing the driver, but it’s good to know that you could easily get a full days use out of it. Standard range is approximately 33 feet without interference, which is par for the course.

The base’s design continues the futuristic trend complete with touch sensing on/off features and a cool glowing blue logo, pictured below.


Physical prototype for the Om One wireless bluetooth speaker

Customize Your Own

One of the most appealing claims Om is making about their speaker is the ability to order your to suite your taste. You can customize the color of your Om One and even slap your own logo on. We’re unclear if you can customize the color of the base, but would assume it’s a pretty easy tweak that could be made.

Physical Attributes

In all the complete package stands approximately 6.4″ tall. The speaker itself has a 3.6″ diameter, the base is 1.6″, and it levitates about an inch in the air. It’s a great size for convenient placement on a desk, big enough to be an eye-catcher but small enough where it won’t take up too much room.

Final Thoughts

As much as we would love to try out the Om One, they haven’t hit production yet. Judging purely on the idea and claims, we have to say that we’re absolutely thrilled with the package and can’t wait to get our hands on one for a full review.

If you think the Om One is as cool as we do, check out the Official Om One Website for specs, pictures, and your chance to buy one before they hit mass production.

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26 Comments on "Om One Floating Bluetooth Speaker"

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  1. Joni Chadwell says:

    Whoa… is this ever cool! I love the look of it.

  2. John Agwazim says:

    This is incredible, awesome, great and amazing. I thought someone could only dream of this without knowing that it would come to reality. This is superb. Kudos.

  3. Sarah Williams says:

    So cool. YOU GO MATTHEW

  4. Jennifer Jackson says:

    This is something totally cool MATTHEW, I don’t know about the price though, to much for me.

  5. Mike Mosley says:

    My cats would love this.

  6. Lesa Moats says:

    I do not have one but would LOVE one

  7. Dorothy Ransom says:

    This looks like a fun product and I have grandchildren to buy for at Christmas. They would love this.

  8. Dorothy Ransom says:

    This looks like a product that is going to be popular. And I have seven grandchildren to buy for at Christmas who would love this.

  9. Connie Hutmacher says:

    I love new and futuristic! I want one!

  10. Jackie says:

    That looks amazing…I want it!

  11. Paula S. says:

    Well, I have never seen one before, but I must say, it looks pretty cool! I can pretty much guarantee that if my son and husband see this, they will want one! I wouldn’t mind having one myself! Christmas will be here before you know it. Hmmmm… would make a great gift!

  12. Jennifer Phillips says:

    That is so cool. Keep sending me links to stuff like this and my Birthday, Christmas, and all lists for holidays will be done in no time. My sons would love this, now I need some more for them, young men in their 20’s, and some cool stuff for an older man, or maybe I should just call him an “old” man. But seriously, that would make a really great gift, and would look so cool floating around with the right decor.

  13. Raymond Langer says:

    I like the looks of the black sphere, kind of reminds me of the Death Star. Quality sound is important to me, so I am skeptical that it would produce a good base. I am not too impressed that it will put out 110 db of sound. If it does not sound good, I call it noise. A video review would be helpful to see how they sound. Time will tell.

  14. jennifer kline says:

    It looks cool. But some times looks are deceiving. Why not send me one so I can REALLY check it out?

  15. Pat Shearin says:

    Absolutely the coolest I have seen in a long time. I would buy one.

  16. Sandra Gray says:

    It is kinda cool looking but I thought the name meant you could float it in water. Ha on me!

  17. Mitchell Rowan, Sr. says:

    Where do I enter the contest to win one ??? I would really love this item but could never afford to purchase one…M… (EVIL ZJ)

    • Matthew Nance says:

      Hey Mitchell! As much as we would LOVE to offer a giveaway for the Om One, they aren’t in production yet (we don’t even have one to test out!).

      We’ll make sure to keep you posted if things change!

  18. JAMES GRAHAM says:


  19. Uday says:

    Definitely want one ….hope it sounds better than it looks & the concept itself.

  20. Adrian says:

    Innovation at its finest, Indeed. I like to have one but apparently a package containing a wireless Bluetooth waterproof speaker just arrived at my porch. The upside of what I bought is that the money I use to purchase it goes directly to foundations that helps fund cancer research for kids, women and the old. That’s why even though I’m drooling over this neat design, I’m contented though with what I have.

  21. Andy says:

    Biggest price of CRAP to ever hit the market, we all got sucked in BIGTIME!


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