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For almost 20 years Arcam has been offering world class audio at affordable prices. The miniBlink continues this trend with the added convenience of wireless technology. We’ve been very impressed with the quality and affordability Arcam has offered in the past, most notably Arcam rPAC (my personal favorite DAC under $250).

The beauty of the miniBlink is that it has something to offer for anyone who loves listening to music. Whether you’re an average listener or a quality centric audiophile, check out my personal experience with the miniBlink below.

For The Average Listener

There’s nothing wrong with being an “average listener”! Music quality is more important to some people, while others don’t mind a little distortion or fuzz (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). If you fall into this category, the miniBlink is definitely worth checking out simply due to it’s convenience.

The miniBlink allows any entertainment system the added ability of wireless playback. It’s absolutely perfect for a home entertainment system, just pair it with your bluetooth device and forget the wires. Without the miniBlink switching tracks meant walking over to my receiver and choosing a new song from my wired-in tablet. The miniBlink eliminates the inconvenience and lets you control what you’re playing from anywhere in the house.

For The Audiophile

Coming from an audiophile perspective, streaming music wirelessly from your bluetooth device is a nightmare. Signal loss is a major problem and is primarily caused by the following issues.

1. The device you’re using to play your music wasn’t built with that as it’s primary function (eg: smart phone, tablet, yes even your Ipod). My tablet plays music just fine, but it’s nothing to write home about. Even your Ipod, with music playback as it’s core function, was designed to be cost effective rather than for HD playback.

2. During the actual wireless transmission to whatever device you’re using there is significant signal degredation. The further away you’re streaming from, the weaker the signal, less quality/volume.. you get the idea

The miniBlink solves both of these issues with it’s built in line-level output for high quality playback, guaranteed to give you (or the audiophile in your life) a better listening experience.

Ease Of Use

I almost feel like a broken record on every Arcam review, but their lower-lever products are so brilliantly easy to use I can’t get over it. The miniBlink comes standard with both RCA and 1/8′ stereo jacks. While some may complain about the 1/8 jack, that’s all you really need for playback through a smart phone, tablet, or Ipod. Anything beefier than a 1/8 would simply be overkill (you’re limited by your original source).





Burr-Brown/TI PCM5102

Frequency Response

10Hz — 20kHz, ±0.2dB

Signal-to-noise ratio (A –Weighted)

106dB (24-bit)

Maximum output level

2.15V RMS


W60 x H30 x D75mm



Final Thoughts

Arcam’s miniBlink is a quality product at a very affordable price. With the ever-increasing popularity of bluetooth streaming, it’s something that anyone who loves listening to music should consider. If you’re interested in the miniBlink you can order or find more about it at the Arcam miniBlink Page.

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