Arcam rPAC – USB Audiophile DAC And Headphone Amplifier


Arcam’s latest offering is an absolute gem that lets you enjoy your favorite song like never before. The rPAC digital audio converter brings a stunning sound upgrade to any sized system. It offers extreme ease of use with impressive upgrades to audio quality. Competitively priced at $249.00, the Arcam rPAC is one of the best options for audio purists looking for a convenient way to enhance their listening experience.

What Is A DAC?

A DAC, or digital to analogue converter, is a device that translates digitally stored information from a laptop, iPod or other such device into analogue signals, improving the quality of the sound and upping the volume in the process. You can find a detailed explanation on our post – What Is A DAC/Amp?


One of the most appealing features of the rPAC is it’s simplicity. As high end audio has grown more complex over the years it’s refreshing to have a product that simply plugs in and works, no fine tuning involved.

rPAC is the perfect example of plug & play technology. Right out of the box it took around 30 seconds to set up. Standard connection to an audio device is via USB so there’s no need to purchase obscure hookups. Not having to worry about driver installation is another huge bonus for those wanting to avoid a time consuming setup.

Size and shape are often overlooked when searching for the right DAC. I’ve tested my fair share that were actually too small to retain position on a desk (see DACMagic), or too large to be considered easily portable. The Arcam rPAC is the perfect in-between. Sturdy enough to withstand accidental cord pulls, yet small enough to conveniently fit on your desk without notice.


Audio Quality – Amazing Sound

Most tests were run with my favorite pair of Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro’s. When paired with the Arcam rPAC, sound quality saw a massive improvement throughout every range. Songs were deeper and wider with intricate details more audible than ever. Listening to your favorite FLAC with the rPAC is a true audiophile experience.

One personal note: The 990 Pro’s are biased toward mid/high end frequencies. I can’t speak for all headphones, but I was very happy that the rPAC brought more low end into my mix than ever before. Bass was tight and responsive without overpowering the rest of the mix.


Detailed Specifications

Frequency Response

10Hz — 20kHz, ±0.1dB

Dimensions (mm)

100 x 62 x 25

Signal-to-noise ratio (A –Weighted)

106dB (24-bit)

Line output level


Headphone output power




BestStuff Editor’s Choice

Priced at $249.00, the Arcam rPAC is our pick for best DAC under $250. It’s simplicity and performance give it an edge over competitors making it the perfect DAC for any audiophile.

Full details and specifications are available on at Arcam’s website.

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  1. John Patterson says:

    My son loves doing video, recording games, voice overs, etc. This would help him in his pursuits, USB for PC really aide his computer qulity

  2. Laura Wernet says:

    very interesting tech

  3. Gerald Shimizu says:

    Never heard what better HD or high quality sound is like.

  4. Gregory Blair says:

    I listen to music a lot on my computer, because I don’t own a stereo. Listening to music is so much more enjoyable when the sound quality is top-notch, so I would really love, and appreciate, winning an Arcam rPAC – USB Audiophile DAC And Headphone Amplifier to upgrade my listening experience. Right now, the sound quality on my computer is pretty mediocre and I’d love to improve it. Thanks for the chance to win such a cool product.

  5. Rosa M Diaz says:

    I love music, MY music, have so many CDs that I would sound even better with the rPAC. I want to win.

  6. Miranda says:

    We don’t have a sound system right now so having this would be greatly appreciated. I love to jam out while cleaning every day. Crank the music up and just dance with a rag in hand!

  7. Linda Kubala says:

    I listen to a lot of music on my computer, this would make a definite upgrade to my listening. After reading the review it seems to be a fantastic product. Thank you for another great opportunity.

  8. Terry Cover says:

    Sure would love to win this offering. Believe it would produce some mellow signs out of this black box.

  9. Terry Stebbins says:

    Great Giveaway

  10. Kelley roach says:

    I can use another piece of equipment…

  11. John Agwazim says:

    This is great. Thanks.

  12. Tom Svinarich says:

    I would like that

  13. Sharon says:

    With thanks, I’m in!

  14. Tom Fuller says:

    *engage scouse mode* d’you reckon R Kelly would like n’ RPac?

  15. Jeffrey says:

    I need a Decent Sound system, and this would be a Great start..
    Thanks for the Chance

  16. John Agwazim says:

    Amazing. Kudos.

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