KEF X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

KEF X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

Founded over 50 years ago, KEF’s mission has been to find a better way to accurately reproduce sound. KEF has maintained a flair for unusual and controversial speaker engineering, unique design, and superior material use, which has helped them continually drive innovation in sound. KEF’s innovative spirit continues with their new X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System – the wireless version of KEF’s popular X300A desktop speakers.

KEF’s X300A Wireless desktop speakers are a premium, active design combining all of the advantages of the original X300A speakers with the added convenience of wireless streaming. Designed for both Apple and Microsoft operating systems, the X300A’s allow you to stream your music via Airplay or DLNA from any Apple or Android device. Whether you place the speaker on your desk, against a wall, or in open air space, a balance switch on the back enables you to optimize the sound for peak performance . This is a great feature for audiophiles who enjoy fine tuning their system for the absolute best sound possible.


With KEF’s award-winning Uni-Q drivers, four dedicated amplifiers and two discrete high-quality DACs provide everything you need to turn a straight forward digital desktop into a true audiophile system. The two audiophile-grade amps in each speaker separate the drive of your low and medium frequencies, while the second amp handles the highs. This frequency separation ensures accurate, distortion-free sound for a crisp and clean experience at any volume. Dedicated DAC’s in each speaker eliminate interference, allowing the X300A system to reproduce the full depth of high resolution music files to the same standard as the artist intended. The result is a spacious, accurate, and exquisitely detailed sound field for a true high definition listening experience.

The X300A Wireless speakers come in two finishes: Gunmetal and Linear White. Both finishes have inherited the latest design styling of modern computers and electronics, allowing them to blend beautifully with the modern accessories they accentuate. For $999 a pair these speakers aren’t cheap, but a considerable value when you compare them to the competition.


KEF X300A Wireless Digital Hi-Fi Speaker System

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