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SVS is a company renowned for their top tier subwoofer offerings. Last year they jumped into the full range speaker market with their line of high end Ultra Bookshelf speakers. Pricing in at $499 a piece, they deliver stunning audio quality with style to match. If you’re a high end audio enthusiast looking for the last set of bookshelf speakers you’ll ever buy, look no further. They’re a clear-cut winner for our BestStuff Editors Choice Award, read below to find out why we’re so impressed with them.



I tend not to focus too much on a speakers physical appearance, but these were so appealing it had to be mentioned. The Ultra Bookshelf’s have a unique look and feel that just makes you want to show them off. They are available in one of three styles to suit your individual taste: Polished Piano Black, Piano White, and a Black Oak Real Wood Vernier (for the more classic audio enthusiast). Each speaker weighs in at just under 20 lbs, with approximate dimensions of 15″ (h) x 8.5″ (w) x 10″ (d). As far as the physical appearance goes, they deliver everything you would expect from a high end audio option.


SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speakers available in Black Oak, Piano Black, or Piano White

Sound Profile

The SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers have a sound profile guaranteed satisfy even the stingiest of audiophiles. They represent the true definition of reference grade speakers, unmatched in terms of quality and definition. Frequency response is beautifully even, giving listeners a perfectly accurate representation of how a song was made to sound. All of these qualities make for a jaw dropping atmosphere with one of the most impressive sound stages we’ve ever heard.

Value vs Performance

The Ultra Bookshelf’s are the best valued high end bookshelf speakers we’ve seen. We ran a few in office tests with self-proclaimed audiophiles to see how the Ultra’s stack up against other well known and more expensive brand. We set up a few different bookshelf options and played our audiophiles 30 second clips. A majority of our audiophiles chose the Ultra’s as their favorite over the pricier competitors.

This isn’t a slight on any competing brands, it’s just proof that the SVS Ultra Bookshelf’s outperform their current price point. Even when stacked up against reference grade monitors twice the price, most of our staff preferred the sound of the Ultra’s (honestly we were a bit surprised too). In our opinion the Ultra’s could be priced a few hundred dollars higher and still be well worth the money.


Technical Specifications

Each speaker is equipped with a 1″ aluminum tweeter complimented by a 6.5″ composite glass-fiber woofer.

Rated Bandwidth

45 Hz-32 kHz (+/- 3 dB)

Nominal Imp

8 ohms


87 dB (2.83v @ 1 meter full-space)

Recommended Amplifier Power

20-150 watts

Final Thoughts

Some of our favorite reviews come from niche companies trying to expand their product line. This is no exception, SVS’s first swing at a full range monitor is an absolute hit. It delivers an amazing value without the extreme markup of a mainstream brand. It speaks volumes that SVS offers a 45 day home test so you can hear them yourself.

Audiophiles take heed: The design, performance, and price make the SVS Ultra Bookshelf the perfect option for the last set of Bookshelf speakers you’ll ever need to purchase. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair for yourself, check them out!.

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