Divoom Voombox – The Ultimate Travel Speaker Review

Divoom’s Travel Voombox takes bluetooth portability to the next level. It sets itself apart from the market with it’s ability to keep up with an active lifestyle. The unique clip and go design along with it’s durability makes it one of the best audio solutions for extreme sports.



The Travel Voombox was designed to keep up with an active lifestyle. A few different factors are key to this functionality, the first being it’s size and shape. It’s approximately 4 inches wide and 2 inches tall. The circular design lacks any hard edges for a comfortable carry. The metal clip ring is key to it’s portability, making it convenient to hold and even easier to attach to a belt-loop or backpack.



Durability is a must when you’re constantly on the move. With a waterproof and shockproof design, the Travel Voombox will take a beating and keep playing without a hitch. Spill and drop tests proved that you’re going to get your money’s worth out of this product.


Sound Quality

Even with a compact design the Travel Voombox delivers satisfying audio. My main concern with smaller drivers is that they lack low end response, but the Travel Voombox delivered clear and accurate lows. I was pleasantly surprised when I could even feel the bass & kicks when listening to “heavier” songs. The overall frequency response made for a good listening experience whether you’re using it as a music source or for it’s phone-pairing capability.


Bottom Line

Divoom has found the perfect combination of value, durability, and versatility in the Travel Voombox. Whether you’re rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking  the Voombox will deliver great audio quality with the reassurance of durability. If you’re interested in more detailed specs or ready to buy, you can find the Travel Voombox here.


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