Harman Kardon AVR 2700 Receiver Review

Harman Kardon AVR 2700 Receiver

There are two new receivers from Harmon Kardon that are filled with a bey of features for your audio/video needs. These are dynamic device that have Airplay wireless capability as well as multi-zone playback of movies, they can run all manner of games, music and various cloud content. It has intuitive on-screen menus that make setup a jiffy for just about anyone, and the EQ controls the settings for your listening pleasures. There is also an app you can download to control it all from you tablet or smartphone.

Harman Kardon AVR 2700 Receiver 2

The Harman Kardon 2700 7.1 channel networked AVR provides 100 watts for each channel, and also features HDMI on the front and back. Additionally, there is capability for HD content playback for DVD’s, Blu-ray and the 3D variety. The standard Mp3 playback and CD’s is augmented with HDTV, 4k video playback and ensures compatibility for future display standards with scalable inputs. As a wireless device via AirPLay, vTuner, DLNA, the AVR 2700 provides Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders for excellent sound reproduction that brings you the quality that was intended when the post-production wrap-up of whatever film you are watching. USB on the front-side lets you connect a smartphone or other digital device such as tablet, drive or other Apple products.

The AVR 3700 is a 7.2 channel networked A/V receiver that provides you with 125 watts per channel. The 7.2 channel receiver lets you connect another subwoofer to get the kind of bass in larger rooms that you have been looking for. The receiver outputs to multiple zones and has a second remote so that you can have two sets of users, and playback selections are unique for each zone. There is a menu for quick setup and intuitive operation.

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With HDMI ports on both sides of the device, you can feast your eyes on HD content from practically anything out there including Blu-ray or DVD as well as 3D for both formats. You can also playback video games and MP3, CDs, HDTV and 4k video playback, and ensures compatibility for future display standards with scalable inputs.

Both devices are equipped with a digital power supply so that the power drain is considerably less as is the weight of the components. Both are also wireless capable from any iOS device, as well as a number of other manufacturers, and there is the extensive radio capability that connects you to both web-based and standard radio stations. You can also connect to WiFi with the 3700. There are a number of various inputs and outputs so that all of your home entertainment requirements are met now and in the future.

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