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Jays, a company based in Sweden, is making waves in the audio market with their simple yet beautiful A series product line. They have taken years of experience and fine tuning to perfect their latest offering ,A Jays Five. The A-Jays Five exemplifies what an in ear headphone experience should be. Designed with maximum comfort and quality in mind, the A Jays Five are the best in ear headphones for under $100. If you have never heard of them before, you’re in for a treat.


Extreme Comfort

We all have that pair of cheap knock-off in ear headphones. The ones that have you screaming to take them out after 10 minutes of listening. Comfort is a huge problem with in ear headphones and it can be hard to find the right pair. I can tell you from experience that the Jays Five in ear headphones are absolutely the most comfortable pair you will ever wear. This is not by mistake, Jays spent years researching the ear’s ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort even during long listening sessions. There are a few key contributing factors that make the Jays Five the most comfortable headphones on the market.

1. Ergonomic Design –  Years of fine-tuning have helped Jays find the perfect geometry for maximum comfort

2. Thermoplastic Casing – The gentle casing conforms to your ear, making for an amazing extended listening experience.

3. Lightweight – The Jays five will never weigh you down, you can hardly tell you’re wearing them


Audiophile Quality Sound

As a former audio engineer I’ve tested hundred of speakers,  in ear headphones, and headsets. To say I’m picky about my audio quality is an understatement. The audio quality on the Jays Five is impeccable, there’s no other way to put it. The A Jays Five award winning custom drivers pump out amazing, balanced audio. The bass frequencies are clean and clear even at high volume, while the mids and highs ring true at all times. Frequency response is balanced beautifully. The Five’s boast an impressive frequency range,  covering anywhere from 18-23k Hz. Every genre test sounded perfectly mixed. Each frequency sits in the correct place without drowning out it’s counterparts. For the price range, audio quality doesn’t get better than this.


The Award Winning A Jays Five Custom Driver

Tangle Free Cable

Never ignore the small details when trying to purchase the best in ear headphones. Less publicized features like the tangle free cable are what make listening with the Five series such an amazing experience. This unique design differs from others by adding extra strength and security.


The Beautiful A Jays Five Tangle Free Cable

Phone Functionality – Features Galore

If the quality and comfort aren’t enough, Jays has added full phone support to the A Five as well. The A Jays Five in ear headphones are available for all major brands including Android, Windows, and Iphone. Each version is designed with a built in mic and full feature remote. The remote gives you full control over your phone without any additional bulk.  The phone functionality works like a charm.



Take Control Of Your Phone With The Full Feature Remote

Remote Customization

What’s even more impressive about the remote functionality is the customization allowed once you download the Jays app. This allows to control ever imaginable detail of your remote, from what the buttons functions is to the click delay before an action is recognized.


Jays Five Detailed Specs


-40 dB @ 2kHz


96 dB SPL @ 1kHz


16 Ohm

Freq. Response

18 – 23000 Hz

Cable Length

115 cm (45 in)


3.5 mm L-shaped (1/8 in)

Final Thoughts

I’ll say it again, A Jays Five are the absolute best in ear earphones for under $100. The comfort, quality, and features delivered with every use is just awesome. They’re currently available in black or white, for the Android, Iphone, or Windows phone. If you’re interested in purchasing some of the top audiophile headphones, or learning more about them I highly recommend visiting their website or picking up your own pair online for $59.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I could really use a new pair of earbuds. I would love to win!

  2. Varun Narula says:

    Really really cool headphones…. would love to win these !!

  3. Debbie E Johnson says:

    These sound like they are the best!!! Thanks for the chance to win. We appreciate the chance.

  4. Linda Kish says:

    These are really nice. I’d love to win some.

  5. Pam Flynn says:

    Love the casing that conforms to your ear and mine just keep falling out! Thanks!

  6. elizabeth burch says:

    love these

  7. Greg M says:

    These look great. I would like to try them

  8. Debra OMalley says:

    So much technology for such a little thing. great review.

  9. Brandi Goolsby says:

    My son would love these – quality! He just has cheap ones now and is always complaining about them.

  10. Leah allen says:

    They sound amazing and I need to throw out the pair I’m using right now and get A Jay Fives ear phones

  11. Ron Ablang says:

    I want to win. I can’t believe you showed us the wiring inside.

  12. Ron Ablang says:

    Good luck to all.

  13. Craig Clarkson says:

    I want to win to so that I have bragging rights amongst my friends and family on how I acquired such an awesome prize.

  14. Brigitte Bauman says:

    I love the tangle free cable feature of this product because I hate untwisting the current earbuds I am using.

  15. TawndaM says:

    these sound great!

  16. rich washington says:

    Since taking a direct hit to the head by lightning and having both ears blown out a nice set of earbuds could help.

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