Axiom Audio Introduces Breakthrough Design in New EP500 Subwoofer


Axiom Audio, the loudspeaker company that uses a rational approach to loudspeaker design based on careful acoustical measurements and uncompromising double-blind listening tests, introduced the Epicenter EP500 digitally controlled subwoofer. The EP500 is capable of reproducing high-volume deep-bass musical frequencies to 19 Hz in an anechoic environment, one of the lowest musical tones audible to the human ear.


The Epicenter EP500 subwoofer represents a major advance towards Axiom’s goal of seeking “musical truth” — producing the lowest, cleanest, loudest, smoothest distortion-free bass available in this price range and cabinet size. Used in combination with either the M80ti or M60ti, Axiom’s top-of-the-line tower speakers, the new EP500 digital sub effectively extends sound reproduction across the entire range of musical (and
non-musical) frequencies to levels that are more felt than heard. Modern soundtracks like War of the Worlds played back on an EP500 subwoofer produce spectacular low-bass effects that bring better-than-cinema realism to home theater. The EP500 is equally adept at reproducing tight, fast, powerful bass in music; never boomy or sloppy, pipe organ especially showcases the 500’s abilities.



Unlike many other subwoofers that only claim extension to such depths but wimp out in real-life tests, the Axiom 500 uses a digital “algorithm” and a Digital Signal Processor chip. Using this “digital roadmap”, the DSP controls every frequency from 19 Hz to 100 Hz, never deviating more than 1.5 dB through this entire range. Utilizing a massive 12-inch driver with a 3-inch diameter dual voice-coil and an Axiom custom-engineered amplifier that produces up to 500 watts of output power, the 500 sub will generate 109 dB SPL anechoic. In actual rooms, the EP500 is capable of even greater output by as much as 11 dB.



Reached at Colquhoun Audio Laboratories (Axiom’s R&D facility), Axiom founder and chief designer Ian Colquhoun called the EP-500’s unique digital control system a “breakthrough,” and said, “It represents a new performance range not previously achievable in a consumer subwoofer in this price range.”



The EP500’s unusually small footprint for a subwoofer of this calibre (it measures just 19.5″ x 15″ x 19.5″) allows for placement versatility. The EP500 subwoofer is offered in four standard finishes, and has a suggested retail price, including shipping in North America, of $1,150 USD.


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