JBL Voyager With Subwoofer

JBL Voyager With Subwoofer 2

Portable speakers are becoming a necessity for the mobile age, and JBL just came out with a portable that combines a tweeter and a subwoofer in one. The portable speaker itself is pretty much worth the price all on its own. Built with noise cancellation technology, so you can hear your music slightly better, it goes five hours on one charge and is a discreet circle of a speaker you can prop up to better hear your music, or lay flat to let the music fill the room.

Then there’s the dock. You simply click it into the center of a larger speaker.  Inside the dock and ringed around the portable part of the speaker (as it charges) is the remaining components of a complete 2.1 sound system. The dock has a subwoofer built in, and it contains substantially more power and kick than a lot of small speakers, with an emphasis on bass.

JBL Voyager With Subwoofer

If you’re looking for a portable speaker, JBL is always worth considering, and the Voyager is a clever product that gives you a lot of power and sound for the money. The Voyager is currently available for $250 from most retailers.

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