Kinivo Launches the BTE40 Bluetooth Receiver

Kinivo BTE40 Bluetooth Receiver
Kinivo’s new BTE40 is a Bluetooth receiver and wireless low-profile headset in one. The new BTE40 grants you the freedom of a cordless connection for all your favorite audio sources. Whether you’re rocking out to Pandora on your smartphone, listening to an audio book on your laptop or streaming music throughout an entire home entertainment system, Kinivo’s BTE40 simplifies the wireless connection between source and receiver for an effortless setup. The BTE40 audio receiver features multipoint Bluetooth support, allowing you to simultaneously connect up to two devices for instant wireless streaming, even while switching between sources.

The compact and subtle headphones are connected to the BTE40’s Bluetooth-enabled receiver, which doubles as a remote control for mobile devices. Bringing the freedom of Bluetooth capabilities to devices like your speaker system, Kinivo’s BTE40 can be used with or without the included in-ear headphones. These lightweight in-ear headphones provide a snug and secure fit with a built-in noise cancelling microphone for hands-free calling, conveniently pausing music as you receive an incoming call. Kinivo’s BTE40 is a portable, multi-purpose device that translates the wireless streaming capabilities of a Bluetooth connection to virtually all of your wired audio essentials.

Kinivo BTE40 Bluetooth Receiver

The BTE40 easily allows you to enjoy a wireless connection while listening to music, with the option to interchange Kinivo’s included in-ear headphones with your own pair. Additional functionalities include a Bluetooth battery meter, compatible with iOS devices, and direct control buttons, such as volume, pause, play, skip and replay. Kinivo’s BTE40 enables an immediate connection between your everyday devices without having to continuously pair Bluetooth settings, perfect for virtually any lifestyle, whether at home, in the office or on the run.

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