Kordl: Never Untangle Your Headphones Again

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We’ve all been there: you take out your headphones to listen to music, only to find the cords in a tangled mess. That annoyance can now be avoided with Kordl, a small, simple clip that solves the frustration of having to untangle or wrap up your earbuds between use.

Designed by J2 Product Development, the concept for Kordl came from the inventors’ realization that when you join both ends of a long wire together to form a closed loop, the wires don’t tangle. Think of reaching into a box of rubber bands and pulling out just one without them tangling. Kordl keeps your headphones in a closed loop, allowing them to behave like the tangle-free rubber band instead of a jumbled bowl of spaghetti. With Kordl, you’ll never have to wrap up or untangle your earbuds again.


Kordl is now available for pre-order on Christie Street, a new product development platform that VentureBeat has called the “Ivy League” of crowdfunded projects. With a funding goal of $25,000, backers can pre-order three Kordls for $7.50 by visiting www.christiestreet.com/products/kordl. The funds will be used to manufacture, package and ship the Kordls, all of which will take place in the United States.

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