Krell S-550i Integrated Amplifier Review (video)

Krell S-550i Integrated Amplifier Review

Krell industries recently shipped the new S-550i Integrated Amplifiers as an addition to the success of the S-300i amplifier that was very well received in hardware circles. The S-550i Integrated Amplifier boasts the capability and quality output to function well with any loudspeaker system.

A well-made and sturdy design, the device outputs 275-watts and is also compact enough to fit where you need it to go. The performance is exceptional for it’s rather diminutive size, relatively speaking. It is equipped with and iPod dock and single-ended inputs, as well as a system called Theater Throughput that enables integration into home theater systems. It can easily be integrated into customized solutions with RS-232 connectors, 12-volt triggers and mounting ears for racks, which are included with the package. You can also set parameters to your individual needs via either the remote control or the front panel screen.

Krell S-550i Integrated Amplifier Review 2

The pre-amp section has some features that are comparable to the Phantom pre-amp, Krell’s flagship. Coupled circuits keeps capacitors away from the path of the signal, which will maintain proper impact. The circuits are well designed and ordered so that it has its own supply region.  There are some prime boasts here with 500 times the loop linearity of competing designs gained by surface mounts with current mirrors. Negative feedback is non-existent and distortion for open loops is less than 0.003%.

Krell S-550i Integrated Amplifier Review 3

Again a powerful device for it’s size, the S-550i carries a 1,750 watt transformer in a 5 inch chassis. Power output is doubled when the speakers impedance is reduced resulting in 275 watts at 8 Ohms and 550 watts at 4 ohms on all channels.

Check out the video…

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