Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth SpeakerThe “sights” and sounds of the music draw your audience from near and far. Experience the real effects with the 21st century Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker, the portable speaker that delivers the sounds of perfection in a fashion classic look and feel for true music fans that can’t seem to put down what music started.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth SpeakerThe Marshal Stanmore takes music lovers on a journey with its ability to turn the music world upside down and spin it in a million and one directions. Relive or recreate your sounds as you share in the tunes from room to room with family and friends. Lightweight and portable, the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker can easily be moved outdoors for that all night celebration party or afternoon get together. Effortless stream your music from your Bluetooth—enabled smartphone, tablet or computer right through your Marshall Stanmore without the hot mess of wires running throughout the halls, the main speaker unit plugs directly into an electrical outlet.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth SpeakerFeatures:

  • 8.7 Watts
  • 4.5/5 Star Reviews
  • Model Number: 04090107
  • Wireless and Bluetooth Speakers
  • Compact active loudspeaker
  • Stanmore may be a compact stereo speaker, but its sound is nothing short of large
  • Built with advance components that deliver an accurate response throughout the frequency range
  • 7.28 inches x 7.28 inches x 13.78 inches

The Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker stays on top of its competitors with a better than fair market price. The overall quality supersedes others far above its class range and well beyond its market price. Settling for a name in the industry would be meaningless unless it was the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker, they have the history, reputation, and respect that others only claim to have. The shorter the name the shorter the results.

Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth SpeakerOnce known only for being the best amp for the most serious guitar player, it can now also be known as the most serious compact stereo speaker for the best of all music. The small size makes and light weight makes it a breeze to carry around and even take with you. Play it long and play it hard, deliver it wireless to the Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker. It is where the sound bounces off the walls and right back to you in the clearest way possible.

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