Martin Logan ElectroMotion ESL Electrostatic Speaker

Martin Logan ESL The bold new loudspeaker series launched in the niche space of electrostatic speakers by MartinLogan is making waves in the market for its dramatic sound effects and easy compatibility with available audio gear in the market. Want some great sound system for your home theater? Then try out the new ElectroMotion ESL speakers which do not require expensive components or a dedicated soundproof room to enjoy the fantastic sound of speakers. This latest in this range has 40 percent more music radiating surface to give listeners absolute sound clarity while the AirFrame gives superb acoustics and minimizes distortion caused by instrument vibration and other objects in the room.

Martin Logan ESL Unique design and shape

Martin Logan ESL The speakers of this smartly designed loudspeaker are designed out of ultrathin polymer film called AirFrame for low distortion music with lifelike sound which is also found in other products of MartinLogan. Attractive new speakers of the ElectroMotion range are slender and have a backward tilting electrostatic panel. Bass section of the speaker has a futuristic 8 inch bass driver located on the bottom section of the speaker while the electrostatic panel with high voltage circuit is above and both are connected together with the crossover. Its power supply is handled by a diminutive with pin plug and slender cable carrying power to the rear section of the speaker.

Power-up the speakers with 4mm plugs that can be attached to the speaker body by opening press buttons in the rear and clamping the input plugs tightly. Both the speakers have rubberized feet which can be removed if required to reveal spikes that can make holes in the carpet to get affixed. These speakers are specifically designed for theater systems at home so the voice and timber of both are evenly matched. Their modern elegance is sure to fit into any home theaters design, offering a visual feast for the eyes as well as superb audiophile level sound for the ears.

MartinLoganESLLifestyleTransparent sound with bass integration

This range of signature speakers systems from MartinLogan have electrostatic panels that are curved by 30° for easy dispersion of sound within the room which now does not bounce off side walls but instead floats around the room. Featuring the most reasonably priced electrostatic transducer XStat designed till date, these speakers with surround sound feature also have Martin Logan’s new low distortion function of Folded Motion XT tweeter.

ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid Electrostatic loudspeaker has been designed to manage both high and mid-range audio output through low-frequency woofer using a proprietary technology. The 8 inch fiber cone woofer in the speaker was designed specifically for the EM-ESL by the firm’s in-house design team. This aesthetically designed woofer uses advantage of cone suspension to produce precise bass output.

Martin Logan ESL Dispersed sound technology

The ESL Hybrid speaker system radiates sound in a dipolar pattern from both front and rear section of the diaphragm in opposite sides. Sound waves move out in waves towards the center of the speaker and cancel each other out. The speakers have a large output area but its sides give out low sound when compared to a conventional speaker which helps them minimize distortions from side walls.

Martin Logan ESL

The unique designing and superb engineering technology applied by MartinLogan’s engineers make these speakers a worthy buy at $999 a piece for people looking to upgrade their home theater systems.

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