Review: Astro Gaming A40 PC Stereo Headphones

Astro Gaming A40 PC Stereo Headphones

Wireless headsets are the flavor of the year for the gaming community.  Gamers want real, deep and quality audio for their gaming experience, and the A40 PC Stereo Headphones by Astro Gaming does not disappoint.  They are the best-performing surround sound headphones we’ve tested, and while they’re a bit salty at $280, if you’re a true gamer and demand the best of everything in your gaming rig, the A40s are the perfect audio edition to your high-end system.

Astro Gaming A40 PC Stereo Headphones

The A40 Wireless System comes bundled with the “cans”, an adjustable boom mic, (which can be attached to the left or right ear cup), and the MixAmp 5.8, which wirelessly sends and receives the digital signal from your gaming box.  The system is available in black or white, and the MixAmp and the A40 headphones can be purchased separately if you like.  Additionally, the MixAmp 5.8 can work with other 3rd-party headphones as well.  

Checking out the A40’s design, it’s first notable that they are feather-light, which is nice for those long gaming sessions.  And they are super comfortable, thanks to additional padding and the ability to adjust them. The first thing we noticed about the A40 headphones was how light they are. Historically we’re used to painfully heavy headsets that eventually take their toll on our heads, but the A40’s unique lightweight design prevented such an effect.

Astro Gaming A40 Pc Stereo Headphones 4

The MixAmp 5.8 system comes with a base transmitter and receiver.  The receiver is wired to the A40 headphones. The transmitter is a square box that sits next to your console, and accepts a Toslink connection for surround, or a standard headphone jack for analog audio. The base also provides digital audio pass-through, which can go back into a home theater system so that you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging. On the back of the base include two USB ports, which gives you a connection for a PS3 for game chat.  The receiver unit has a volume dial and game/voice chat mixer so you can your choice of balance of the two streams along with option of a bass booster.

Astro Gaming A40 PC Stereo Headphones 3

Set-up is a breeze.  The receiver itself also has to be powered, and Astro offers a separate $20 rechargeable battery for purchase. Alternatively, customers can use the included three AAA batteries to power it.  As already mentioned, the A40s sound super, and they do a great job of isolating channel simulation.

Bottom line, the A40 Wireless System is one of the best wireless headphone systems on the market, provided you’re willing to pay the $280 price tag.  It’s suited for those that want discreet audio channel separation and accurate simulation. 

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  1. Eunice Nazar says:

    Probably some of the coolest I’ve ever seen. Absolutely love Astro products

  2. Dan Hawkins says:

    I’ve been looking into getting some Astros, I’ve heard they are some of the best gaming headsets around. Thanks for the info!

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