Review: Beacon Audio Phoenix 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Beacon Audio Phoenix 2 4

The Beacon Audio Phoenix 2 is an updated version of the company’s original Phoenix portable speaker, but now with an upgraded Bluetooth chip, built-in microphone for speakerphone functionality and a longer battery life. The Phoenix 2 contains two mid-range speakers and a subwoofer, and the battery lasts for around 10-12 hours.  The microphone allows the device to be used for both phone calls and music via Bluetooth or 3.5mm wired input.

As mentioned, packed into the super portable Phoenix 2 are also 2 high quality speakers and subwoofer for incredible sound.  With the 360-degree sound projection featured in the speaker, you will get an unbelievable range of sound no matter how you position the Phoenix 2. The new speaker comes in 4 colors (red, white, blue and black) and you can get yours at Beacon Audio for $79.99. This softball-sized, Bluetooth-packing Phoenix 2 has a lot going for it, and here’s why:

Beacon Audio Phoenix 2 2

Sound and Performance

The Phoenix 2 puts out the best balance of quality and volume we’ve ever heard in a speaker this size. It can separate sounds very well, eliminating any distortion, which helps with the crisp sound. It’s also extremely loud, with again, no distortion.  We turned it all the way up, and heard no distorted mud or clipping.  This is rare among small speakers like this, and even rarer with Bluetooth speakers. 

The battery life is unreal (rated at 10-hours).  4-hours on USB current will bring you to full charge, and the Phoenix 2 will last you for nearly four whole days as a primary PC/mobile phone output. Streaming music over Bluetooth at medium to high volume, it stays on for a crazy 20-hours. Its wireless range seems a lot better than its first generation version as well.  The “first” Phoenix started to get fuzzy at around 10- feet.  The Phoenix 2 is a big improvement, offering a larger range of around 30-feet.

Beacon Audio Phoenix 2 3

Design and Conclusion

All of the Phoenix 2 colors are very handsome and sophisticated. Two sides are covered by tastefully spaced grill holes covering stereo speakers. Around back, the only ports are a mini-USB for charging and an 1/8-inch audio-in.  Up top are the transport controls, surrounded by a red and / or blue LED indicator ring to denote Bluetooth pairing / connection status or hardware line-in.  A quarter-inch riser lifts the unit slightly, giving it a nice, built-in way to isolate the sound from the surface it’s sitting on.

Beacon Audio Phoenix 2

Beacon’s second attempt into the portable Bluetooth speaker industry has turned out very well.   Sound and battery life are a pleasure, and for the size, the Phoenix 2 defies the laws of sound physics. It’s also fun to hold and it requires no maintenance or setup. It’s worth way more than $100, but Beacon will ship it to you today for just under $80.


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