SkullCandy Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker SkullCandy Air Raid

Pro’s: Rugged design, it can take a beating and keep playing.

Con’s: Your friends are guaranteed to test just how drop/water proof this speaker is. Also it has slightly distorted bass at the loudest volumes.

Bottom-Line: The SkullCandy Air Raid Bluetooth speaker is perfect for music lovers who need a speaker that can take a beating. Regardless of how many times it’s knocked over or spilled on this unit is going to keep on going, and that makes it a great value. We recommend this unit if you’re looking for a portable music solution to last through extreme environments. SkullCandy Air Raid


One of the Air Raid’s claim to fame is it’s durability. We figured classical music was the most appropriate for the drop tests, so we fire up some Bach and sent the unit flying through the air. It performed without a hitch up to a 20 foot drop when we couldn’t find anything higher. The only concern during the drop test was that the rugged speaker might damage whatever it landed on. Waterproofing was next, and it delivered on that promise as well. It hardly noticed that it was fully submerged in water, and kept playing as if it nothing happened. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort was spent into the materials and design of this unit. It comes with a stainless steel face and protective boot to keep your Air Ride looking nice and sharp.

SkullCandy Air Raid Design

Audio Quality

SkullCandy is well known for quality products. This unit is built with 360° sound, with speakers on all sides to make sure no one feels left out. Even after the durability tests, audio quality was crisp and clear. At full blast the lower frequencies were slightly distorted. This is very common in smaller speakers and should not deter anyone from this unit. High/mid frequencies stay crystal clear at all volumes. Overall the sound quality had a good even mix, we have no doubt you’ll be happy with the quality.

Battery Life

Boasting a 14 hour battery life, the Air Raid will be playing long after the party is over. We really like the “battery check” feature that allows you see approximately how much battery life left. Just double press the center button and watch as built in LED’s let you know if it’s time re-charge your unit.

Closing Thoughts

The SkullCandy Air Raid is the most durable bluetooth speaker I have ever seen. We had a great time testing it’s features. I can’t imagine a better solution for a camping trip, boat outing, or bonfire. As with all speakers, we thoroughly test everything it claims and the bottom line is that this speaker delivers. It’s on the higher end of the $100-200 price range. It’s well worth the extra cost over competitors knowing that your unit is going to last well beyond a comparable option.

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