Sonos Introduces PLAYBAR


Sonos is considered the industry leader in modular audio system you could put into your home for unlimited music in every room, but now the company is sprouting into a new market….the soundbar market.  With the introduction of the Sonos PLAYBAR, a sound bar for your television and home theater set up, you’re now able to use Sonos’ existing speakers and subwoofer along with the PLAYBAR to provide wireless, high-definition audio for all of your Hi-Fi needs.


The PLAYBAR showcases nine individually amplified speakers angled in different directions to fill your room with sound, and that includes six mid-woofers and three tweeters. Using hardware and software together,  the PLAYBAR can replicate the left and right speakers, in addition to the center speaker, with amazing reproduction and clarity.


You can also mount the sound bar directly on the entertainment console or on the wall, and SONOS will calculate what orientation the unit is in, correctly adjusting its output to either configuration. You can also add in the Sonos SUB and it will work with the PLAYBAR, as well as Sonos PLAY3 units to be used as left and right rear surround speakers for a full 5.1 experience.


The PLAYBAR will go on sale soon for $699.

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