SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker

Sonos Play1 Speakers
SONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker is a simple to setup and is suitable for use in any room of your house. The small wireless speaker is humid resistant, allowing you to use it even in your bathrooms and kitchens. SONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker is small and can be conveniently moved from place to place, the shelf speaker, however, does not have an inbuilt battery. Browse through a broad range of music using the SONOS app. You do not have to download any song or type in a call centre to search for radio stations. You don’t even need to turn your PC to gain the incredible experience. Using your Smartphone or SONOS Play: 1 remote controller, you can quickly navigate around the system, selecting from a wide variety of music and radio stations, selected marked as your favorite in diverse rooms. SONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker comes with pre-loaded internet radio stations that are free of charge. The Wi-Fi integrated speaker also enables access to podcasts and shows with no charges, with the beauty and convenience of having no stress to turn your PC on to allow navigation of the stations available.

Sonos Play1 SpeakersSONOS music system does not get any better, with the system offering automatic software updates, you are left to worry no more of software challenges and suitability to go with your PC or Smartphone. The ease of internet connectivity with other products is impeccable. Utilizing the Ethernet port on the back of the SONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker with wireless connection, or using a bridge or any other type of a player, you will be able to convey internet connectivity to your PC, network hard drive or set-to-box, giving you the convenience of free internet usage and at a marvelous speed.

Sonos Play1 SpeakersSONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker possesses a surprisingly powerful audio system, providing for deep, crystal clear Hi-Fi audio. The system comes with two class-D amplifiers, one tweeter and a mid woofer. The perfectly tuned amplifiers go with the speakers and aural architecture while the tweeter develops the crisp and accurate high-frequency response. The mid woofer allows active reproduction of mid-range frequencies, significant in facilitating for a fantastic playback of vocals as well as instruments. The mid woofer also facilitates for the production of deep rich bass. The SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker also comes in a stereo pair, separating left and right channel speakers. The stereo pair enables the creation of a bigger, deeper and wider clear sound. A 5.1 home theatre can also be added the SONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker, allowing the production of an incredible audio experience.

Sonos Play1 SpeakersWith the capability of connecting additional wireless speakers to the SONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker, home or office audio entertainment is taken to new heights. The astonishing mixture of a broad range of audio output achieved by the combination of varying SONOS PLAY: 1 Compact Wireless Speaker is like no others. This SONOS-designed home entertainment device is one of top global achievement by the company that continuously produces innovative entertainment products.

The fantastic Sonos Play 1 Speakers will run you $200.

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