Swimbuds Sport Underwater Headphones Review

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport

White earbuds have become one of the most unexpected fashion statements over the past 15 years. Ever since the introduction of the iPod it seems that you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone with that recognizable white cord hanging from their ears. The only way to escape it has been to go where no iPod can go, the water. Except if you’ve been to a public pool lately you might have noticed those iconic white headphones on people in the pool. You might have thought they were just idiots, and while some might have been, its more likely that you were looking at someone with a waterproof MP3 player and Swimbuds from Underwater Audio. The Swimbuds Sport earbuds from Underwater Audio let you take your music to places that have otherwise been off limits in the past.

The Swimbuds are completely waterproof in-ear headphones, and have the ability to withstand significant depth for hours on end without any worry of malfunction or damage. However, it is recommended to keep your submerged listening to depths above 10 feet, due to the pressure it causes on the inside of your ears. The listening can sound a little flat when you are outside of the water, but you have to be listening for it to even notice. When submerged the sound quality improves slightly, likely due to this being its designed intent..

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport

The Sport variation of the Swimbuds comes with a convenient carrying pouch that holds all the goodies you get from the Sport upgrade, most notably the additional earpieces. The four earpieces are: Trees, which creates maximum noise isolation and the best water seal. Fins, which support the widest range of ear sizes to create a watertight seal. Ergos, which are ergonomically designed for the most comfortable fit. Lastly, Mushroom, which is your standard earbud style for everyday activities. With the selection of interchangeable earbuds and behind the ear clips you are sure to find one that fits you perfectly, while offering the stability to withstand anything your water workout throws its way.

Underwater Audio Swimbuds Sport

Anyone who works out with headphones knows that the most obnoxious aspect is how much the cord gets in the way, for swimming that problem is even more prominent. Swimming laps requires you to move every part of your body, so you are far more likely to snag an arm or leg on a a slacked cord. Thankfully the Swimbuds come standard with a very short 3.5mm stereo cord, a mere 10 inches in length, just enough to prevent those unwanted tangles that hinder your maneuverability. Don’t worry though, if you do need a little extra slack there is an included extension cord that will give you a more traditional headphone length, though I doubt you will find a need for it.

Waterproof iPod Shuffle From Underwater Audio

While the Swimbuds Sport are available on their own from Underwater Audio’s website ($70), they are useless without a waterproof player to enjoy them with. So if this is your first foray into the waterproof audio world you are better off to buy the bundled iPod and Swimbud combo, available for a modest $199.

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