UE MegaBoom Shockwave Edition Review

UE MegaBoom Shockwave EditionWe recently reviewed the Rabbit Eyes edition Boom 2 speaker from our friends over at Ultimate Ears. It is a fantastic speaker that exceeded our expectations right out of the gate. Now we have gotten our hands on the bigger badder brother, the MegaBoom. As the title implies, this is a larger, more powerful, and louder brother of the Boom 2 speaker. Ultimate Ears has set itself apart from the competition by pairing with artists and companies to create limited edition graphic runs for the Boom line. Our MegaBoom is the latest of these unique partnerships, featuring a collaboration with the folks at RedBull titled “Shockwave”.

You can check out shots of our MegaBoom Shockwave in the photos throughout this review. The speaker features the distinctive Red Bull color pallet and energetic urban design. As a novelty I would love to see a Boom speaker modeling a RedBull can, given the similarity in shape. Gimmick aside, the RedBull Shockwave is probably a more pleasing choice. The speaker design is minimal, a cylindrical tube with power, Bluetooth, and volume buttons on top and a water proof rubber seal on the bottom to protect the micro USB and 3.5mm ports.

UE MegaBoom Shockwave EditionThe Megaboom is as simple to pair as the Boom 2 and doesn’t seem to have any of the bluetooth hiccups as found in many cheaper Bluetooth speakers. The connection is always ready as soon as I launch my phone and I have never had a disconnect, even when stretching the pairing distance to the limit (100ft). You can connect the old fashion way, however the Megaboom also features NFC, so you also have the option of simply tapping your phone to the speaker’s volume buttons to establish a connection.

Once you have it connected it is time to check out the most important aspect of a speaker, how does it sound? Having been recently impressed with the Boom 2’s clarity and volume I set my expectations high. The Megaboom met them all. To sum it up simply, the sound is great. The speaker is able to reach painfully loud volumes and maintain it’s clarity up to the very end. The 360-degree sound keeps every direction in the field of the music, which is great for parties and group events. One of the most surprising aspects is the incredibly deep base. For something so small the deep frequencies it is capable of are surprising. While you may get some distortion at the highest volume levels, this tends to depend more on the quality of the song you are playing. Higher bit rate songs from the iTunes store hold up better than streaming radio and YouTube playlists at high volumes.

UE MegaBoom Shockwave EditionThe sheer loudness the MegaBoom is capable of is especially appreciative if you like to listen to music at the beach. Smaller speakers can be drowned out by the wind and ocean, but the Megaboom will keep you within audible range of your music significantly longer. Couple that with its IPX7 waterproof rating and 20 hours of battery life and you have the perfect beach or poolside companion.

With the Ultimate Ears app for your iPhone or Android you can unlock a load of extra features. The double up feature lets you pair two Ultimate Ears speakers together (you can mix and match) to create a stereo listening environment, or simply larger sound coverage. The equalizer is pretty self explanatory, you can adjust the various levels to tune your speaker in to your preferred settings. Lastly, the alarm feature is just that, an alarm. This is good if you want to scare yourself awake with the loudest alarm clock ever. The app is not required to play your music, thankfully. The speaker performs completely on its own, regardless if you decide to use the app.

Ultimate Ears AppUltimate Ears sells the MegaBoom Shockwave right now on their site for $299. You have to move fast if you want to pick one up, this speaker is a limited run. If you are reading this months from now and can’t get your hands on the Shockwave edition, you can still pick up various colors of Megaboom for $299. It may seem like a pretty hefty price tag, but when you compare it to other speakers of this quality it fits right in to what you would expect. If you’re looking for the best waterproof speaker, one with loud sound and a great battery life, the UE MegaBoom is the one you want!


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