Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Rabbit Eye Edition

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Rabbit Eye EditionThe Ultimate Ears Boom 2 wireless speaker comes packaged in a sleek hard plastic cylindrical container, reminiscent of the high quality packaging of the latest Apple gadget. The packaging is very minimal once opened, on one side is the three foot USB cable and power adapter while the other side houses the speaker itself.  Our Rabbit Eye Movement Limited Edition UE Boom 2 came with a bright neon charging cable, as well as a stand out exterior design by the famous Austrian graffiti artist, Nychos.

Nychos’ one of a kind style draws inspiration from his childhood in Austria, from his hunting background to his interests in cartoons and heavy metal music. His Rabbit Eye Movement has nourished urban art and solidified his image as an urban artist.  Ultimate Ears has been one of the only brands to merge art directly with their product, giving stand-out artists an opportunity to use the acoustic skin as their canvas. You can check out this uniquely designed speaker yourself in the photos we have taken. Act fast if you want one for yourself, this Ultimate Ears Boom 2 is a limited run.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Rabbit Eye Edition

Even if you are not able to get your hands on this limited run, the Boom speaker itself is a piece of art. It’s cylindrical design really stands out in the overcrowded Bluetooth speaker world. On the top you have a power and a Bluetooth connector button, while you will find the 3.5mm jack plug and the Micro-USB charging interface on the bottom. These are hidden behind a rubber seal, making the Boom 2 waterproof. The remaining two buttons are large volume controls blended smoothly into the front panel. The minimalist design couples well with it’s unique over-sized Red Bull can shape.

The Boom 2 offers several improvements over the original Boom speaker. The standout is of course it’s IPX7 waterproof rating. The Boom 2 is able to be submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes and still work. This increased weather sealing is crucial for those who like to enjoy their music at the beach or pool, which I would wager makes up a large portion of Bluetooth speaker enthusiasts.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Rabbit Eye Edition

There are also improvements in the hardware, notably increased Bluetooth range (100ft+) and a slightly more powerful (louder) speaker. However it is the software improvements that impress the most. The addition of gesture controls really brings the Boom 2 into the next generation. Pick up the speaker and tap on the top to pause/play music, or tap twice to skip to the next song. When you hands are wet or covered in sand you really don’t want to be fiddling with your phone or iPod directly, making this a much appreciated addition.

The sound quality on the Boom 2 is excellent for a portable speaker. Nice deep bass and rich treble tones without sounding tinny or distorted. The speaker is loud if turned all the way up, but you may start to lose clarity at full volume if you are streaming a lower quality music file. Until you have the speaker at full volume the sound quality hangs in there without getting distorted, even if you are playing a low quality file.

There is also an app you can download for IOS and Android that allows you to control the Boom 2 from your phone or tablet. The app allows you to turn the Boom 2 on or off, adjust the volume, set an alarm and more importantly gives you a 5 level equalizer to adjust the sound output to your own liking. It also allows you to double up on your Booms if you own more than one to give you true stereo output.

Ultimate Ears Boom 2 Rabbit Eye Edition
Battery life is rated at 15 hours so you should be able to last all day without needing a charge. If you get caught short on battery it isn’t as bad as it could be, charging actually doesn’t take that long! There is a very small LED light next to the Micro-USB connector on the base which will let you know when the unit is fully charged. You also get a battery level on the app so you easily monitor how much is left.

If you are looking for an excellent portable speaker you can’t go wrong with the Boom 2. If you catch it early you can pick up your Rabbit Eye Movement Limited Edition Boom 2 on the Ultimate Ears website, and you can always pick up a regular version on Amazon.

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