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Waterproof iPod Shuffle From Underwater Audio

If you’re like me you love to spend your vacation on the beach listening to music and soaking in the sun. The one fear that always lingers is water damage turning your expensive electronics into a paperweight. Underwater Audio has the perfect solution for this with their waterproofed iPod shuffle. Designed for swimmers and water-sport athletes, this product can easily stand up to any test a casual consumer can throw at it. It’s the perfect solution for the tech savvy person looking to enjoy music at the lake, pool, or beach.

This is not a knock-off pretending to be an iPod Shuffle, it’s the exact same device you can pick up at your local Apple store with a major upgrade; it is completely waterproof. It functions like any other iPod Shuffle, you change tracks with the front buttons and control the volume by spinning the wheel. You add your music through iTunes, so if you are familiar with Apple products you know exactly how to get set up, no hassles or learning a new company’s proprietary software. The iPod shuffle became popular for its small size and durability, making it the perfect device for activities where you’re constantly in motion, like jogging or weightlifting. The waterproof version expands upon this, adding swimming, kayaking, surfing, wake-boarding, and other water sports to the list. The lack of a screen and small storage size prevent it from becoming your primary listening device, however it was never trying to be in the first place. It was designed for a purpose and accomplishes it well.


 Waterproof iPod Shuffle From Underwater Audio The Standard Bundle Includes:

  • 4th Generation 2B iPod Shuffle w/Apple ear buds & Charging cable
  • Pair of Swimbuds headphones
  • 4 replacement pairs of silicone ear pieces
  • 39-in (99-cm) extension cord for the headphones
  • One year warranty on the iPod itself


Waterproof iPod Shuffle with Swimbuds are bundled together for $165, this will save you about $15 if you were to purchase them separately. They also offer an “All Sport Mega Bundle” which includes Hydroharmony Waterproof Headphones for only $10 more, at $175. We received a standard bundle with slate iPod shuffle for our review sample, however Underwater Audio offers all iPod Shuffle colors Apple currently produces: silver, slate, blue, pink, green, and yellow.

The secrets behind Underwater Audio’s waterproofing process are just that, secrets. However we do know it is a process which is completed without ever opening the iPod itself. The only hint that anything has been done is the barely noticeable seam around the clip on the back. The underwater audio coating gives the iPod the ability to withstand depths up to 200 ft, but you wont want to do that with the ear buds in, as the pressure that deep could damage your ears. (But not the iPod!)

Waterproof iPod Shuffle From Underwater Audio

If you are a music lover into swimming or water sports then you have probably already stopped reading to buy your own waterproof iPod shuffle. On the other hand, if you are a casual beach and pool goer that enjoys listening to music you may have a harder time validating the hiked price over a standard iPod shuffle. Let me reassure you, the extra cost is well worth the peace of mind from never worrying about water damage! This is absolutely the best waterproof mp3  player on the market.

You can see more details on the underwater ipod at UnderWater Audio’s website.

Check out a video on the waterproof iPod shuffle from Underwater Audio below:

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