5 Great Gadgets for your Executive Car

The perfect accompaniment to a luxury executive car is a series of luxury executive gadgets! Every year, car manufacturers are inventing new gadgets to provide you with a stress-free daily commute in an elite technological vehicle. Listed below are five of the most innovative gadgets on the market which promise to enhance the exemplary features of your executive motor.

5 Great Gadgets for your Executive Car

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1-Massage Seats

Who says your daily commute need be stressful? With the new Lexus LS 600h L, you can be transported to work in the height of leisure with a reclining, massaging backseat. The seats include the option of a shiatsu or shoulder massage, due to the capabilities built into the seats which allow them to function like electric massage cars.

2-Climate Controlled Seats

Uncomfortable, sticky drives are but a distant memory with the seats incorporated within the Mazda CX-5. These luxurious leather seats offer a new level of comfort by introducing an innovative solution to uncomfortable temperature related driving conditions. The seats are made from perforated leather, stylishly ventilated with channels through which air can move. These channels enable you to drive to our chosen destinations, all the while comfortable at your optimum temperature. Additionally, these benefits continue throughout the winter, due to incorporated heating units under the perforated leather to provide a luxuriously heated daily commute during the cold winter months.

5 Great Gadgets for your Executive Car 2

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3-Back-up parking cameras

Every driver is aware of the inconvenience of a blind spot whilst reversing into a parking space. With new back-up parking cameras integrated within your executive car, this will no longer be a problem. A series of cameras send live images of what is behind your vehicle to a screen on the dashboard. This in turn produces an image as soon as the driver puts the vehicle into reverse. These parking cameras provide a simple solution to aid parallel parking or reversing your vehicle up onto a trailer. Additionally, they provide your car with a practical, simple safety measure because they will notify you of any pedestrians, pets or other obstacles behind your vehicle.

4-Handpresso AUTO

Need your daily caffeine fix but don’t have the time to prepare it at home or stop at a barista’s on the way to work? Handpresso AUTO provides a solution to this issue with the world’s first espresso machine designed specifically for the automotive world. Simply place the Handpresso AUTO into your cup holder, plug it into your cigarette lighter, and press the button. Within three beeps your fresh espresso is ready for you to enjoy on the move.

5 Great Gadgets for your Executive Car 3

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5- Self diagnosing cars

For the conscientious executive driver it is now possible to safeguard your vehicle’s performance with a self-diagnosing device. This small and easy to install device regularly and efficiently checks the condition of your vehicle. The device scans the vehicle’s microprocessors and notifies you when a problem occurs and then proceeds to offer instructions on how to resolve any problems. Therefore, you are free to go about your daily travels, safe in the knowledge that your car is functioning efficiently and to its full potential.


5 Great Gadgets for your Executive Car 4This article was produced by Bradley Taylor, a freelance writer from Derby, England. Bradley is a motoring enthusiast who loves writing about cars and everything automotive but he is versatile and he also writes across a variety of other topics. You stay connected with Bradley on Google+ and Twitter.

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