Jaguar XJ 3.0 Review



There are cars that attract attention and cars that don’t. A deep-wine metallic Jaguar XJ 3.0 is a definite attention grabber. This beautiful, luxurious 4-door sedan seats four adults comfortably without betraying its strong Jaguar DNA.

Given the high prices at the pump, a fast, sporty, luxury car that sips, rather than slurps, gas certainly gets your attention. The supercharged six-cylinder 340 hp engine delivers a thrifty 24 mpg city and 29 highway – even with four adults in the car traveling at interstate speeds with the AC on full blast. This Jaguar does 0 to 60 mph in 5.7 seconds.


This sporty sedan offers a comfortable ride front and back, although tall occupants in rear seats may find the XJ’s low roofline cutting into their headroom a bit. It’s the price of this Jaguar’s beautiful styling…and you won’t be sitting in the back anyway!


The XJ 3.0 has an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, zenon headlights with LED accents, real wood trim, aluminum interior inserts, a 10-speaker Meridian audio system and all the other luxury and safety accoutrements one might expect from Jaguar.


The interior is pure, upscale British – lots of fine wood and fine leather – complete with the traditional Jaguar leather smell. Another new Jaguar tradition in the making is the distinctive rotary shift knob, which slowly rises out of the center console at your command.


The only disappointment with the interior is the infotainment system. Even though the touchscreen interface was updated for 2013, the screen is only 7 inches, smaller than many of its competitors and not quite as quick to respond as one would expect. However, it does offer navigation, digital music storage, and voice recognition capability. There’s more than ample functionality here, but for a car as stylish and expensive as a Jaguar, one expects something special.


Driving is what you would expect; taut and responsive. This Jaguar handles the curves better than many sports cars; it just hugs the road. Its sport tuned dampers and other electronic assists deliver a supple, smooth, composed ride, yet even in corners the car never feels as big as it is. Unlike some of its direct competitors, this Jaguar XJ is pleasantly quiet inside.


The new 2013 XJ 3.0 continues to embrace the Jaguar tradition of creating beautiful, fast, luxury cars. Now Jaguar has come up with a real winner: a car that combines all of these features plus very good fuel economy.

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