The Best New Cars From the 2013 Detroit Auto Show

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The North American International Auto Show in Detroit was an amazing showcase for some of the hottest cars in the world with the coolest electronics and gadgets.

General Motors’ Cadillac ATS won the 2013 North American Car of the Year. An awesome feature on the ATS is the CUE (Cadillac User Experience), an infotainment unit combining an 8-inch haptic-feedback touchscreen with a voice-command system that understands more words and syntax than you would anticipate. Its available 3-D GPS navigation system has map-integrated Doppler weather reports. It accesses every contact and song up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. You can learn more about the Cadillac ATS at

Here are some other vehicles featured at the Detroit Auto Show that we love for their gadgetry and technology:

The Ford F-150 Truck

The new Atlas concept lets you haul almost anything effortlessly. It features a trailer backup assist feature to automatically maneuver the truck into position to hook up the hitch. That can combine with a power-deployed arm that lifts out of the bed (partnered with a rubberized divot in the roof) to hold ladders, kayaks or anything else with a lot of length. Good-bye, bed rack.

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The Stingray boasts a retractable LCD monitor on the dashboard. At the touch of a button, the screen in the middle of the dash lowers, revealing a hidden alcove where you can tuck away a mobile device, camera or anything about the size of a baseball or smaller. A USB port for charging (and syncing) your phone while it’s safely out of view completes the surprise.

The Hyundai HCD-14

The Hyundai has an unforgettable interior. A combination of eye-tracking and gesture controls make up the core of the infotainment system, allowing drivers to simply twist their hands mid-air to change the volume or swipe in any direction to change tracks, choose a destination or manipulate the head-up displays.

The Infiniti Q50

The Infiniti features two impressive technologies, Direct Adaptive Steering and Active Lane Control. Direct Adaptive Steering replaces mechanical linkages with digital controls and transmits the driver’s intentions to the wheels faster than a mechanical system. The system also allows for customization with four different steering settings based on the drivers preference. Active Lane Control uses a camera to keep track of lane markers on the road.

The Acura NSX

The concept is the future of the supercar. Underneath the angular bodywork is aluminum and carbon fiber, with a V6 mounted in the middle, and an electric motor placed between the front wheels. That gives the NSX the balance of a mid-engine supercar, the grip of all-wheel-drive and the fuel economy of a small hatchback, according to Wired Magazine online. Factor in the NSX’s ability to precisely ration torque to the front wheels thanks to a cadre of computers, and the potential for otherworldly handling the technology is just a few years away, according to Acura. This NSX has a touchscreen on the dash with a mode selector separating the driver and passenger.

We saw some really sweet vehicles at this auto show. Its amazing to think that all the new technology and all those gadgets will be standard on nearly all cars within a decade.

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