What Kind of Man Does Your Car Say You Are?


Men don’t just drive cars they develop relationships with them. It’s a love affair that spans the ages. Just like some guys are attracted to redheads certain men fall in love with the same vehicle every time. It might break their hearts again and again with its high mileage and constant need for attention, but the animal attraction is just too strong to ignore.

When a potential love interest wants to understand this man fully, one question tells all. “What kind of car do you drive?” It’s a sad truth. A man fills 90 percent with the space in his heart with love for his car, leaving what’s left for his dog and life partner — in that order. So, what does your car say about you?

Big Guys in Mini Coopers

It’s true. Mini Coopers seem to draw in big guys looking to prove something. It isn’t a bad choice if you think about it. The Mini looks svelte from the outside. Inside, it’s as roomy as any car. It’s also very controllable, and that comes in handy when you’re a bigger than the average man.

The Mini Cooper offers a front-wheel drive that practically goes on its own and includes dynamic-stability control. The performance suspension is tough enough for the heavyweight division, as well. It is the kind of car that makes people go “Oh, how cute” and that is a plus when he is driving up next to something tasty. When you are looking to accentuate the positive, a big man can go a long way in a Mini Cooper.

Nissan 370Z for the Tech Nerd

You’re probably saying the 370Z is a sport car for the man who lives for speed. You would be wrong. The 370Z is the vehicle of choice for the tech nerd with metro-man tendencies. It says men’s fashion better than the cover of GQ but comes packed with all the gadgets these guys need to survive.

The new 370Z model offers the Nissan Intelligent Key, Bluetooth hands-free phone system, Homelink Universal Transceiver — you get the idea — lots of impressive accessories. Sure, it goes fast, but that’s not really the point. It goes fast while allowing the driver to get his tech on — that’s why geeks all over the country are gravitating towards their local Nissan dealers like zombies looking to feast on brains.

Earthly Guy = Toyota Prius

The earthly guy wants to save the world and that means reducing his carbon footprint. This one strives to be less dependent on fossil fuel but isn’t quite ready to make the big shift over to the all-electric ride. He wants hybrid. He wants Toyota Prius.

It’s more of a status symbol than anything else. Men don’t just mention they drive a Prius, they announce it the same way they tell the world they’re vegetarian. It works too. Like Edmunds points out, when most manufacturers were still looking up hybrid in the dictionary, Toyota was already working the third-generation Prius.

Before you go shopping for your next car, figure out what type of man you are and then determine what car you should drive for maximum effect. It will save you time in the long run.

Image by Ryan Tir pursuant to the terms of Creative Commons license.

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