Amazing Travel Gadgets Everyone Needs

Amazing Travel Gadgets Everyone Needs

Technology can make anything easier, including traveling. Whether it’s a simple tool to weigh bags so there’s no hassle at the airport or an app that updates travelers about flight status, what did people do before technology made flying a little bit better? You can sign up for phone calls in case of flight delays and of course airplane mode is one of the earliest tools merging smartphone technology with air travel.

However, there are a few travel gadgets you may not have heard of. As the season for travel kicks off, it might be worth the investment to add on some of these features to those leather luggage tags. Traveling can be stressful, but not if the right preparation and tools are in place. Here are some of the must haves before booking that flight.


Stay Connected

Just for Apple users, the Airport Express is basically a tiny Wi-Fi hub and retails for only $99. Youcan control who you share the Wi-Fi with, whether you’re at an airport or in a hotel room. Even at nearly $100, it’s easy to see how it can save you money considering some hourly charges or in-flight fees are sky high. If you want to check your email while waiting for your next flight, this one’s nearly a requirement.

Kensington Combosaver Portable Notebook Lock might be a mouthful, but it can keep your laptop secure at the gate. It may only cost $25, but it’s not foolproof — it’s easy to cut with wire cutters. However, most thieves are opportunists and if a laptop is under lock and key, it probably won’t go anywhere for a few minutes. Make it a hobby to lock down whenever you’re away from home, and it can save you a huge headache.


Getting Plugged In

When traveling internationally, the Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor Kit is the ultimate toolbox for anyone who needs to use his or her electronics no matter what the outlet situation. There are numerous options from Tumi, and arguably the best retails for just $149.

There are numerous tips to fit just about any device, or you can even opt for the leather-trimmed case for $195 if traveling in style is more your cup of tea. Just like packing extra (insert keyword here), this one’s a necessity for going abroad.

The Kensington Mini Battery Pack is another easy solution to a common problem: what happens when the iPod or anything else that needs to be charged goes dry? For just $50, the Kensington model will keep you rocking out for that long leg of the flight. Even though many electronics come with numerous ways of charging, oftentimes a battery pack is the easiest, most affordable, and works the best.


Lit Geek

Stop spending oodles of money at those airport bookstores where nothing but “50 Shades of Grey” is available anyway. The Amazon Kindle Fire is the latest installment in the popular ereader series. You can also find the original Kindle for about $40 on Craigslist and Ebay.

Choose from a variety of pricing structures to find the solution that fits your needs, whether you’re a voracious reader who blows through volumes on a flight or someone who lingers for days on the same chapter. Instead of buying books, borrow them. Many libraries offer a wide selection of ebooks for you to read for a limited time for free.


About the author: Alicia is a content coordinator for a tech company that helps sell Industrial Woodworking Equipment. In her free time, she enjoys writing about travel, health and communication.

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