Bachelor Pad of Dreams: Your Organized, Simple & Modern Man Cave

Modern Man Cave

Guys love gadgets. You know you do. If everything in your room operates on remote—from your television, to your air conditioner to your window blinds—it’s a good bet you’ve managed to create the ultimate bachelor pad.

Enjoy it now, gentlemen. For future reference, ladies prefer to open the blinds the old-fashioned way. In the meantime, here are a few ways to keep organized.

Organizing the Electronic Jungle

Photo by tallasiandude via Flickr

Keeping cords at bay is a conundrum when you have five separate gaming consoles perched around your living room. Hide those unsightly cords and cables in a number of ways:

  • Cable zipper: This nifty little gadget looks like a length of plastic hose, but it’s great for organizing multiple cords into one thick length. Gather your cables and zip them as one unit inside the cable zipper. Five cables instantly become one. Buy them in colors to blend naturally into your decor to hide up to five feet of tangled mess.
  • Bluelounge Cable Box: When your components absolutely positively must be plugged into a surge protector, the Cable Box from Bluelounge hides it all discreetly away. Simply slip your power strip inside the box, run the many cables out through the discreet openings on the sides and close the cover. Voila! Instant neatness where there once was chaos.

Photo of Bluelounge Cable Box Mini by Bluelounge via Wikimedia Commons

  • Atlantic Game Central Multi-Media Game Storage Tower: It’s a thing of beauty and it tucks in unobtrusively beside your television to hold numerous consoles, controllers and peripherals. Stack your components neatly on the shelves of the tower and slip your controllers into the special holders on the sides. This little organizer even provides space for extras like guitars. Don’t have more than three consoles? Use the shelving to house and display your video game collection.

Modernizing Your Space

Photo by Giltronix via Flickr

You may have scored a great mortgage on a fixer-upper but that doesn’t mean you should leave it as a shrine to the ’70s. Update your space using modern window treatments, shelving options and more.

  • Window Treatments: Nothing brings a room into the 21st Century like taking down old, heavy drapes and opting for fresh, simple coverings that actually bring emphasis to your window instead of hiding it. Enter roman shades. These energy-efficient, attractive coverings dress your windows in any number of styles, but the flat version adds a particularly masculine appeal. Best of all, they’re available motorized, meaning they come with remote controls to raise and lower them. Schweet!

Photo by via Flickr

  • Floating shelves: Keep your guests in awe of your decorating genius when you display your collections on floating shelves. These little babies mount to the wall on hidden brackets to hold everything from books to trophies to your collection of Tomb Raider action figures. It all hovers neatly in place. Is it The Force or just your skill for interior design? Your friends may never know.

Photo by Zach Klein via Flickr

  • Leather: You can’t help but feel manly in a room decorated with leather. Opt for a simple leather couch or a pairing of recliners with a sleek, industrial-style table between. Pairing black leather with the industrial steel of accent pieces gives your space a modern, monochromatic, and minimalist feel.

Photo by …love Maegan via flickr

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