AOC 24 Inch Monitor – E2460Sd Review


Looking for a 24′ monitor that won’t break the bank? AOC has you covered with the E2460SD, one of the best valued 24′ monitors on the market.

The E2460 , currently listed for just $150, brings great value to the table. With specs and features you would expect from a monitor in the $300 price range, this is a great solution for the average consumer looking for a monitor for daily use.


The 24 inch WLED backlit display looks great. It boasts a 20,000,000:1 contrast ratio and everything shines through beautifully. The color representation is accurate, clean, and crisp. It’s not quite on par with IPS monitor color accuracy, but it gets incredibly close. Refresh rate is a standard 60hz and the aspect ratio is 16:9. The frosted screen is icing on the cake, preventing unwanted glare.


There’s nothing worse than finding a monitor you love only to see it doesn’t have the input you’re looking for. The E2460 comes with VGA, DVI-D, and HDCP connector options for all around versatility. Viewing angle is easily adjustable with the standard base, specifically 170 degrees horizontal and  160 degrees of vertical adjustment. If you’re looking to mount your monitor, it’s also VESA 100mm wall mount compliant.


ECO-Friendly Is Good For Everyone

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not exactly an eco-activist. That being said, the fact that the E2460 has an eco-mode available is still important as far as saving you extra money by not wasting energy. It has 5 different display modes (text, internet, game, movie, sport) that all function well and serve unique consumer needs.

The Bottom Line

AOC is a highly trusted name in computer monitors for a reason, and the E2460 holds true to this standard. While graphic designers looking for a high end monitor should look at AOC’s IPS monitors, the E2460 delivers on a variety of features that are important to the average consumer. If you’re looking for a great 24 inch monitor that is perfect for daily use I absolutely recommend the AOC E2460.


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