Genius Ergo 8800 Ergonomic Mouse for Windows 8

Genius Ergo 8800 Ergonomic MouseGenius has announced their newest computer peripheral, the  Ergo 8800 wireless infrared mouse. With ergonomics at the forefront of it’s design, the Ergo 8800 is shaped to encourage a more natural hand and wrist posture, while also maximizing wrist comfort. Making navigation for long periods less taxing on the joints, helping prevent possible pain from repetitive stress injuries.

While the ergonomic design is nothing new in the world of computer accessories, the real breakthrough feature of the Ergo 8800 is its quick and easy access to Windows 8 features. By simply holding down the right, left and scroll buttons simultaneously you can quickly navigate between apps or toggle the Windows 8 Metro interface; providing a fix for many peoples complaints with windows 8, allowing for a more seamless transition between the traditional OS and Metro. Additionally, the Ergo 8800 has four hot keys to access Previous/Next Page, Flying Scroll and adjust the dpi between 800, 1200 and 1600.

Genius Ergo 8800 Ergonomic Mouse BottomAlthough the Ergo 8800 is powered by traditional AA batteries, you don’t have to worry about the hassle, expense, and waste of frequent battery changes. The energy efficient design provides you with up to 36 months of dependable power without battery changes. The Ergo 8800 is able to accomplish this thanks to its advanced infrared sensor that is designed to consume less power. Moreover, the Ergo 8800 can also be operated on a single AA battery. This eco-friendly, power-saving design translates to a hassle-free mousing experience.

The Ergo 8800 is now available in the US and Canada for the suggested retail price of USD 49.99 and CAD 59.99, respectively.

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