Genius Ergo 8800 Mouse Review

Genius Ergo 8800 Ergonomic Mouse

What Genius has done with their latest mouse, the Ergo 8800, is to combine all of the best qualities for a wireless mouse into one sleek package.
The Ergo 8800 doesn’t follow the status quo of other wireless mice on the market. For one its quite a lot larger than most other mice on the market, but thats not a bad thing. It’s a large-sized helps it to mold seamlessly to the your hand, and its modern design helps it to achieve an overall light weight. Ergonomic mice tend to be larger so as to provide more stability to your hand over long hours. The Ergo 8800 follows this philosophy of comfort above all, though that is not to say style is forgotten. It features a sleek silver and glossy black color scheme with a rubberized thumb grip; as well as a niche to rest both the pinky and ring finger.

Genius Ergo 8800 Ergonomic Mouse
One of my favorite parts of the design is the super compact USB receiver that is stored under the mouse within a holster, allowing for easy portability. The compact USB is a nice sight after a decade of large or bulky counterparts to wireless computer accessories, and with the 2.4GHz RF wireless technology makes this a perfect balance of the newest wireless technology.
I used the Ergo 8800 exclusively for two weeks, while it did feel like a noticeably large mouse at first, my hand quickly adjusted to it. A testament to it’s overall comfort. However I do think those with smaller hands should go check it out in person first to make sure its a good fir before committing to it.

Genius Ergo 8800 Ergonomic Mouse BottomFew devices have come so far when it comes to preserving battery life as wireless mice and keyboards, so it comes as no surprise that the Ergo 8800 leads its class in this as well. The Ergo 8800 has an impressive three-year battery life using just two AA batteries, which makes not having a rechargeable battery park irrelevant. While it has spots for two batteries, it can operate with just a single AA battery. However it is intended to have two, but it will buy you more time if one depletes before the other.
The large size allows for more buttons, and the Ergo 8800 has plenty of buttons, 7 to be exact. Some allow you to adjust the scroll speed on the fly, while another manages the Flying Scroll feature, but most are there to simply help you navigate the new metro panel. If you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 then the Ergo 8800 has many features to make your life easier. One of the side buttons allows you switch between open applications, while the other side button opens the Charms panel, and a combination of allows you to toggle between the last app you used and the Metro/Menu pages. But don’t feel left out if you haven’t made the Windows 8 jump yet; on Windows 7 or earlier the side buttons substitute as forward and back buttons for your browser or file navigator.

Genius Ergo Map

The Ergo 8800 carries a $49.99 suggested retail, which is about average for mice in its class. With great Windows 8 features and a design that fits your hand so well it is definitely a mouse to check out, just make sure you try it “on” in person first.

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