Leef Copper Edition USB Drives


The sheer number of portable USB memory options can make it hard to decide which is right for you. Leef aims to make the decision a little easier with their latest line of Copper 3.0 USB drives.

The new Copper Edition drives come in 3 styles to suit your unique taste. Pictured left to right, the Magnet, Ice, or Surge models are available for immediate purchase through Leef’s store. Here’s a quick writeup on why we highly recommend the Copper Edition drives for your portable memory needs.

Built To Last

Your portable drive is going to get beat up, I guarantee it. All three of Leef’s Copper Edition drives are fully waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof to ensure you don’t waste your money.


It’s amazing how far USB memory has come in the past 10 years. I remember when a top of the line 200 dollar 1 Gig stick was awe-inspiring. Leef’s Magnet and Ice and Surge models are available in your choice of 16, 32, and 64 Gigs of portable memory.

Transfer Speed

You’ll notice a slight price different between the Magnet and Ice models. This is because both the Magnet and Ice are USB 3.0, whereas the cheaper Surge is only 2.0. The newer 3.0 offers huge performance increases over the previous 2.0 versions, with claimed transfer speeds up to 10x faster. We compared the two models to test this claim for ourselves.

In speed tests for transferring a 10 gig file, the Magnet 3.0 transfer took just over 6 minutes while the Surge 2.0 took well over 20 minutes. While it’s not quite 10 times faster, the transfer time increase is huge. While 2.0 isn’t deprecated, there’s no reason not to throw down a few extra dollars ($10 at the most)  for that much of an improvement.

Before purchasing a USB 3.0 device, make sure to check that your current USB inputs are 3.0 compatible. While it’s not a newer technology, USB 2.0 is still widely used and included on even newer machines! The good news is that USB 3.0 is backwards compatible, so you wont’ have to worry about your shiny new drive not working.

5 Year Warranty

We love companies offering good warranties. Kids spill drinks, dogs pee on things, things just go wrong! Leef’s 5 year warranty is a major factor in why their copper series is one of the best USB options available. It’s an absolute essential when you’re dealing with a product that move just as much as you do.


Leef Magnet Copper Edition

The One Thing We Would Change

There is only one downside to Leef’s Copper Edition line. Both the Magnet and Surge models lack a securing hole for convenient carrying. Leef does give you the option in the Ice model to have this functionality, so we aren’t knocking any points off. If you do end up choosing the Magnet or Surge you’ll need a briefcase or compartment to carry them.

Final Thoughts

Leef’s Copper Edition USB Drives have the perfect combination of style, memory size, and speed to make them suitable options for anyone. The fact that they’re fully waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof sets them ahead of competitors. The 5 year warranty is just icing on the cake. These three reasons, along with their competitive pricing, are what make Leef’s latest USB drives one of the best portable storage options on the market.

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