Leef’s Bridge 3.0: A USB Flash Drive For Your Android Phone

Leef's Bridge 3.0If you use an Android smartphone you have likely dealt with the frustration of needing to quickly transfer a file to your PC. If you are without your charging cable you need an internet connect if you want to transfer files from an Android device to your PC, a task that involves e-mailing the file or uploading it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive. Well a special new USB drive from will make the task simpler. Thanks to Leef’s new Bridge 3.0 flash drive you finally have a viable alternative.

Leef Technology made a name for itself releasing high end flash memory consumer electronic products, including last years original Leef Bridge 2.0. The Leef Bridge 3.0 boasts a significant speed upgrade from its predecessor, about 10 times faster,  as well as a smaller and more compact design. Housed in a black plastic, the device maintains Bridge’s signature exposed slide-and-lock tray design. This enables you to easily switch between the Micro USB and standard size USB connector by pressing on a center button. After you download a file management app you can use the Bridge 3.0 exactly like a normal thumb drive, simply plug the Micro USB side into your phone, transfer files onto the drive, then plug the standard USB drive into your PC to access the photos, videos, music and documents as you would with a traditional USB thumb drive.

Leef's Bridge 3.0Leef Bridge 3.0 is currently compatible with mobile devices operating Android Jelly Bean OS 4.1 or higher and is available in three different sizes, a $19.99 16GB model, a $34.99 32GB model and a $69.99 64GB model.

Check out this video on the Leef Bridge 3.0

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