Inhon’s Blade 13 Ultrabook is World’s Thinnest

Inhon's Blade 13 Ultrabook is World's Thinnest

The new Inhon Blade 13 Carbon measures a slim 10.7mm and weighs in at a ridiculous 1.9 pounds.  The creators of the Inhon Blade 13 Carbon say that it’s the LaVie Z and the LaVie X, which were formally the thinnest laptops around.

Inhon's Blade 13 Ultrabook is World's Thinnest 2

The Inhon Blade 13 Carbon is also a reputable computing option as well. Inhon has packed in an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU, display that supports 1080p, a smallish but speedy 128gb or 256gb SSD with 4GB of RAM.. all for around $1350.  Inhon is offering a slightly thicker (12.6mm) lower res (1600 x 900) version for about $1000.  The Blade 13 Carbon will hit Native Taiwan in June but no word on a release for the U.S.

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