Banished: Video Review & Gameplay

Yet again I dive into a city building sandbox without any end in sight. Objectives and goals that always seem trivial, and nothing more than an attempt to get you into the act of building something you probably would have plopped onto the map anyways. But wait, this game does not have  challenges. Or objectives. Banished is just… Survival.


Banished is a sand box city building game developed by Shining Rock Software and released on Steam back in February. Banished is pure sandbox “city” building. I say city with quotations because after 40 hours of time in Banished, I never accomplished anything that I would consider a city. My maximum population only ever reached 60 townsfolk, and then the town itself buckled under the weight of supporting this meager few. After you are presented with a handful of people in the random wilderness that they have been tossed into, you must make sure to keep a careful eye on everything your people do. Banished quickly becomes a game of balance and planning. One wrong move and you could end up with plenty of graves(if you can support the stone cost).

It is a difficult game, but fairly rewarding. Deciphering the movements and balance of this game will bring a much more fulfilling reward than SimCity ever managed to offer. Assign jobs and tasks to your people while they go about their daily lives. Ensuring that everyone is working where they should be to function efficiently.

Banished does not require a monster computer to run with high quality. It is like most indie games where you can get a high quality appearance without resorting to ramen noodles as a mainstay of your diet because your computer costs more than a used car. The sound quality is nice, trees rustle in the breeze and birds chirp peacefully. The color pallet is not varied, mostly green, brown, and grey, but they are mixed in a way that looks very natural. I would recommend Banished to anyone that has enjoyed games like Black and White, SimCity, Godus, or any puzzle game.

Banished is available through Steam or through the Shining Rock website for around 20$

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