Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center

Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center

Lenovo is most well known among consumers  for their computers, but the company has recently expanded outwards into the ever popular cloud periphal market. One of Lenovo’s newest products is the “Beacon Home Cloud Center.” It is a simple solution for anyone interested in having all of their data backup up and accessibly anywhere, basically think of it as your own personal cloud storage device.

The Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center connects to your home network and allows expandable memory capacity of up to six terabytes of storage. You can fill this huge space with as much music, movies, images, applications and files that you want. If you are using it for personal backup it is unlikely you could ever fill the six terabytes completely. Once you have loaded up the Beacon Home Cloud Center you will be able to remotely access your photos, videos, music, and documents anywhere with an internet connection, and across multiple devices, all without a monthly fee. You could stream a movie directly to your TV or Android device, no matter where you are. Your smartphone also doubles as a remote, allowing you a convenient way to sort through your content to choose what to stream to your TV.

Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center

The Beacon Home Cloud Center is powered by dual-core Intel Atom processor and has 1GB of memory, USB 3.0, HDMI-out and OneKey File transfer support. Its hot swap design enables users to easily add additional hard drive storage up to six terabytes. Other features include Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi support and an Ethernet jack.

Lenovo Beacon Home Cloud Center Key Features:

  • Personal cloud storage allows users to store and share data or multimedia content across any PC or Android device in the home or remotely upload/access content through the internet
  • Directly connects to the user’s TV via HDMI to browse and play media files without a PC
  • View and play media content stored in the Beacon on a PC or TV in the home using an Android phone or tablet as a remote
  • Hot swap design enables users to easily add HDD storage drives up to 6TB (2x3TB)
  • Automatically organize data or multimedia content uploaded from a phone or tablet
  • Decide who can access specific files and folders through advanced access permissions
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