Lenovo Doing Well Despite Declining PC Market

Lenovo Doing Well Despite Declining PC Market 2

Despite a dismal year for PC manufacturers, Lenovo has somehow managed to thrive despite facing the same set of challenging as their competition. The company actually grew its desktop PC shipments year-over-year in its second fiscal quarter this year, a pretty remarkable achievement given that overall desktop PC shipments declined by around 6% over the same period. Lenovo shipped a total of 14.1 million PCs on the quarter, which the company says gives it the fastest PC sales growth rate of any major vendor.

Lenovo Doing Well Despite Declining PC Market

Besides Lenovo’s PC business, the company also sold 2.3 million tablets on the quarter, a year-over-year increase of 420%.  Lenovo is also pumping up its smartphone business and says that it has seen a 78% year-over-year increase in overall smartphone shipments.  Lenovo looks like a prime contender to become one of the tech industry’s most important players in the coming years, not just for the declining PC industry but for the consumer electronics industry as a whole.

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