MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Gaming Laptop

MSI - GST72 Dominator
MSI Computers recently unveiled the GT72 Dominator Pro, the new icon in mobile gaming notebooks.  With the needs of gamers on the go in mind the new MSI Dominator Pro delivers gaming prowess and unmatched gaming experience above all. Armed with top-of-the-line components such as an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 880M , and a Super RAID drive, the MSI will definitely meet any gamers needs. However it’s ultra-sleek design and pixel shredding performance doesn’t come cheap. With a starting price of $2,600 this gaming notebook is catered to only the most hardcore gamers.

 MSI - GST72 Dominator

The GT72 Dominator Pro showcases a completely redesigned chassis measuring less than 2 inches thick, almost half an inch thinner than its closest competitor and lighter than most desktop replacement notebooks.  Inspired by high-performance exotic cars, the gaming notebook fuses a one-piece aluminum chassis with customizable lighting effects so it can be customized for the aesthetic taste of each user. An enlarged seamless track pad allows for easy scrolling while the quick launch keys gives gamers easy access to upgrade storage and memory.

MSI - GST72 Dominator

The GT72 Dominator Pro design also improves on the cooling system and overall airflow. The updated thermal design now features a dual fan cooling solution that significantly improves system stability and performance while remaining whisper quiet. While the 4x M.2 SSDs in RAID hard disk allows 1600MB a second of reading performance, 15x faster than a traditional 7200RPM HDD, so you can blaze through any game or task at breakneck speed.

MSI - GST72 Dominator

The GT72 Dominator Pro is also the first and only gaming notebook equipped with Killer DoubleShot Pro, a technology that combines both Killer E and N Wireless Networking to deliver the fastest data transfer speeds available in the world.  Killer DoubleShot Pro automatically prioritizes which programs should run on which connection, freeing bandwidth for lag free gaming. With all these things bundled in this beautiful package it’s clear to see why MSI is leading the field in gaming notebooks.

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