Rapoo Releases the 8900P Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Rapoo 8900P Keyboard and Mouse Set
The Rapoo 8900P is an Advanced Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set, the ultimate desktop set for the power user. Combining a slim, intelligent keyboard that has topped the IF Product Design Awards, and a wireless mouse fitted with a high-definition laser, this bundle adds style, and optimizes productivity in your home or office.

Rapoo 8900P Keyboard

The first part of the 8900P package is the E9270P, an ultra-slim touch keyboard with intelligent, multimedia touch keys.  Crafted from stainless steel and aluminum alloy (only 4mm thick), this keyboard’s elegant look earned it a coveted IF Product Design Award 2013.  Users can type comfortably and accurately for long periods of time because of the scissor key structure and floating chiclet keys.

Illuminated multimedia touch keys are located at the top of the keyboard, and they light up as your hand moves closer.  This also features tactile feedback vibration so you can not only touch, but truly feel the keys.  Additionally, the keyboard boasts a 5GHz wireless transmission for a reliable connection.   Small and unobtrusive, simply plug the Nano Receiver into a USB port, and forget about it.

Rapoo 8900P Mouse

The second component of the 8900P set is the 7800P wireless laser mouse with six buttons and a zoom in/out slide switch.  This is a full-size mouse with a high-definition laser engine so it is very easy to control and navigate.  A 4D scroll wheel makes it possible to scroll horizontally and vertically, and you can choose between 800 DPI (for accuracy) and 1600 DPI (for fast movements) with the push of one key.  Running on a 5GHz wireless transmission you can avoid interferences caused by Bluetooth and WiFi equipment.  Its batteries last up to one year.

The 8900P is available for $89.99.

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3 Comments on "Rapoo Releases the 8900P Wireless Mouse and Keyboard"

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  1. Deen Hammond says:

    Purchased the wireless mouse based on this review and I’m loving it

  2. Riley Bonton says:

    The battery life on these is great as well, I haven’t replaced mine in 4 months.

  3. Donnie Hudson says:

    Highly recommend these to anyone looking for a convenient every day keyboard + mouse combo. Stellar battery life, great feel, and you can’t beat the price.

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