REVIEW: Acer’s Google Chromebook a Glimpse into a Fast, Ubiquitous World (video)

Acer Google C7 ChromebookGoogle’s Chromebook notebook computer is the ultimate insider’s play. It’s designed by Google and its partners for Google users. If you’re not familiar with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and the plethora of other Google apps, then a Chromebook may not be for you.

For the initiated who have embraced the G-Lifestyle and are deeply entrenched in all-things-Google, Chromebooks reveal the beauty and simplicity of the Google existence. Simply put, if you use Gmail, Calendar, Drive (formerly called Docs), even Google+ or any other app, they’re shared seamlessly across devices. It’s a ubiquitous reality.

Acer Google C7 Chromebook 2

Visit a website on Chrome on one computer, it’ll come up and auto-complete on your Chromebook.

Work on a doc in Google Drive and it’s shared across the cloud. But it’s not really “shared,” as much as it just lives everywhere your devices can log on.

That’s the beauty of working in the cloud. A Chromebook device just makes it simpler – assuming you have an Internet connection.

The Acer C710-2055 Chromebook is one of those devices. This ultra-streamlined notebook computer is like most Chromebooks. No CD-Rom drive. No costly software applications. Few frills.

Acer Google C7 Chromebook 3Some Chromebooks were criticized for various limitations. Batteries suffered short life; I never had any issue. Consumers and reviewers thought the Chrome OS was released prematurely, but it seemed glitch-free to during this review.

The C710 brings Chrome to life. Since the apps are streamlined, updates – including anti-virus protectionare either pushed out to the Chromebook or reside on the Google network.  Ahh, the beauty of cloud computing.

Cloud aside, Chromebooks have numerous built-in benefits. The C710 has 4GB of DDR3 memory and a 320GB hard drive. As for creature comforts, shoot HD videos with the built-in camera and listen with HD audio. Stream HD videos and Netflix on the 11.6-inch HD screen. Where other tablets have no USB ports, the 710 has three – plus a VGA.

Acer Google C7 Chromebook 4Bereft of software and a clunky OS as it is, the C710 is lightning fast. When was the last time a laptop started up to full On from full Off in 11 seconds? (I timed it). Close the screen with the book running, then open it later, and it powers back up to where you left off in seconds. Take it to a meeting and power up before everyone’s seated at the conference table or returned to the coffee-shop collaboration session with their cups in hand.

Acer Google C7 Chromebook 4

Will Chromebooks become the next wave in laptops? They could – for anyone who embrace the Google online experience first. Acer makes the first step easy.

(Acer C710-2055. From $279.99;


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Check out the video review of the new Acer Chromebook by Brad Linder…

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