Samsung Introduces 4k Ultra HD Monitor

Samsung UD590 4K Monitor
4k Ultra HD monitors are coming fast, and for cheaper than you probably think. Samsung announced a new line of monitors this Monday, most notably the UD590, which features Samsungs first Ultra High Definition 4K display in a monitor. The UD590 is a 28-inch desktop monitor with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels. With four times the resolution and pixels of a traditional display, this 4K monitor will offer the ultimate viewing experience for photo enthusiasts and visual professionals.

The 28-inch screen has eight million pixels to create the clearest and most detailed picture ever, supporting one billion colors,  64 times more colors than conventional monitors. Furthermore, the monitor features an up-scaling ability, which converts low resolution content to Ultra HD level picture quality, resulting in a stunning viewing experience. Thanks to a rapid one-millisecond response time the UD590 can handle action movies, games and sports smoothly, without any motion blur, judder or ghosting.

Samsung’s minimalist design features a metallic finish that stands out in any home or office, with clean lines and a modern look designed to take up less space. With competing 4K monitors retailing for $1,000 or more, the $699 retail price of the Samsung blows away the competition.

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