Acme Made Reinvents the iPad Case

Acme iPad Case

Acme Made unveiled its newest iPad accesory, the Ergo Book for iPad Air and iPad mini. A 17mm-thin design snugly protects your iPad and contains an extraordinary amount of features for such a small package. Maximum function meets ultimate minimalism with the hidden QuickSpin 360 rotation feature, which allows you to view and share your iPad from any angle. In creating the Ergo Book, Acme Made wanted to provide the best functionality while also preserving a clean aesthetic.

One of the key features is a hidden swivel mechanism that allows the Ergo Book to include QuickSpin 360 rotation. The Ergo Book combines refined, welded edges and SatinShell laminate that resists stains, moisture and abrasion. With the StretchFlex Strap it is effortless and comfortable to view and share your iPad with others. What sets the StretchFlex strap apart from any others is that it features one-of-a kind stretch memory and flexibility along with ergonomic qualities. The StretchFlex Strap makes it super easy to hold your iPad steady with a firm grip while you take photos or watch videos with friends and family.

Ergo Book Reading

The SatinShell cover on the Ergo Book is crafted of custom, high quality polyurethane laminate and has an adjustable frame that slides out for picture taking, protecting your camera when not in use, and preserving the case’s clean design without an unsightly camera cutout in the back. This is yet another testament to Acme Made’s proven history of providing Designed Protection™ for your devices.

Ergo Book Front

With their current designs inspired by the energy and vitality of San Francisco, it’s no secret where the team found the inspiration for the Ergo Book. Observing people commute to the city by metro, train and bus, it seemed to the team that tablets are in constant use by busy professionals. The Ergo Book comes in three styles: Soft SatinShell Black, Soft SatinShell Grey and Genuine Leather Black made from 100% full grain, soft genuine leather.

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