Clever Business Strategies Through Tablets

Clever Business Strategies Through Tablets

When combing through countless tablet reviews, one tends to base his or her purchase decision on how a particular device would make life easier. Tablets are great for people who need to stow and go. You can manage social media, email and get your video and news fixes without carrying around a cumbersome laptop. Pew research found that 22 percent of U.S. adults now own a tablet. With such a firm hold on the personal computing market companies are starting to make their move on the business front.

Door-to-Door Distribution

Door-to-door sales and distribution has never been a cutting edge field. From the neighborhood Avon lady to food distributing giants like Sysco, the ability to look up and present products to customers has been the same for years, a catalogue. Placing an order involved flipping through tens or hundreds of pages searching by product number. The tablet has revolutionized this industry. Clients can now browse hundreds of products at their leisure or search for an individual item and with order entry software, the whole process is streamlined. Salespeople can now travel with their entire “catalogue” in the palm of their hands.

Clever Business Strategies Through Tablets 2


The hectic and often confusing healthcare industry is another area benefiting from the implementation of tablets. Doctors and nurses can access more information faster and it can be done bedside. If patients have a question or don’t understand a procedure, their physicians can pull up a 3-D model on their BlackBerry PlayBook or iPad and explain the details on the fly. Thousands of clinical references are at your fingertips including, which contains information about 7,000 medications and 3,500 diseases.

Media and Marketing

It may be a no-brainer, but tablets have had a huge impact on marketing and media. Marketing is about getting your message to the masses in the most effective ways possible. Tablets give marketers almost constant access to consumers who browse the Internet in addition to the advertisements they have attached to various tablet apps. A study performed by GFK found that 67 percent of magazine readers prefer to read digital copies on their mobile devices and of that, 70 percent would consider purchasing items directly by clicking on ads. Advertisers are able to not only capture users’ attention but also turn that attention into instant revenue.

In business, convenience and cash are king. Tablets are making it more convenient for businesses to generate more cash, so it looks like this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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