The 3rd Generation Drobo is Faster and Less Expensive

Drobo Storage Backup
Connected Data, the creator of the Drobo line of storage systems, announced the release of the latest 4-bay Drobo; the best-selling product in the company’s history. This third generation Drobo is more affordable, three times faster than the previous release and includes new features such as USB 3.0 and enhanced support for Apple’s Time Machine. On top of this they have also announced a customer loyalty discount program of $50 USD off for all first and second-generation Drobo customers.

Some of the key features of the new 3rd Generation Drobo include:

  • Lower Price: The new third generation Drobo has a new low price tag of $349 and comes with a completely new architecture. It produces faster rebuild times to maximize data availability in the event of a disk drive failure, as well as the addition of battery back-up.
  • Simple Data Protection: If a drive fails, Drobo will automatically protect data without requiring the user to act. You can also purchase the capacity you need at the time, with the option to increase storage later available.
  • Investment Protection: The third generation Drobo is built upon using BeyondRAID technology, which allows first and second generation Drobo customers to seamlessly upgrade to a new Drobo by simply removing the disk pack from their current Drobo, and moving it to their new one.
  • Enhanced Time Machine Support: Drobo has an integrated feature that enables users to easily allocate a specific amount of storage capacity to be dedicated for Time Machine backups, which preserves the maximum space available for data storage.

The new Drobo Gen3 is will run you about $349. Pre-orders are being accepted on drobo’s website (, and you can expect shipments to begin in April.


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