Transporter Sync Gives You Your Own Cloud

Transporter Sync

Cloud storage is not the wave of the future.  Rather it’s the new storage standard NOW, and it’s integrated into virtually every IT department in the world.  Enterprises and individuals are storing everything from documents to their music on the cloud. But not everyone wants to store things on another corporation’s servers, which is where the Transporter Sync comes in.


The Sync is a small device that essentially creates your own private cloud network. You can even link the Sync to its big brother the Transporter as nodes on a network. All you do is plug the sync into your router, and then plug an external hard drive into the Sync.  Once it’s on your network, Windows and Macs should find it automatically.


The key thing about the Sync, which makes it more appealing than the Transporter, is the fact that it has more memory capacity. You can hook up a 4TB drive to the Sync and it’ll process it without issue. The other benefit of the Sync is that it doesn’t have any subscription fees, unlike some cloud storage solutions.  The Transporter Sync runs $100, and you’re good to go from there…..forever!  You can store files without having to worry about upgrade fees or yearly premiums.

Transporter Sync 2

Is it For You?

The Transporter Sync is not for everyone.  If you want to share documents, you may not want to be handing out passwords, which would give your share-ees access to all of your files.  But if you like your privacy, but need cloud storage, the Sync seems to be a viable choice.

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